Venues Calendar

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COMING SOON!  New Physical Space for Private readings, coming late Winter, Early Spring…. readings will be offered in three locations, to suit you better!
PRIVATE By Appointment only Tuesdays and some Sundays, in Calgary, convenient Southeast Location – Please call 403.293.3293 or email to book your appointment for Angel Healing Sessions including Readings, Crystal Healings and Reiki Energy work.  Blessings.
Friends and Gems Inc – Crossroads Market, Calgary


Fridays and Saturdays unless at classes or other venues, email me to confirm if I’ll be at the market!

The New Earth Expo

With Friends and Gems Inc – We’ll be providing Readings and lots of crystals, cards, jewelry and gifts items!

EDMONTON:  February 28 – March 2, 2020

SASKATOON:  September 25 – 27, 2020

CALGARY:  October 2 – 4, 2020

ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR Angel Reading Parties! 

Book today for your private group consultation with the Angels and Spirit Guides. Advanced Angel Enlightenment Practitioner, Michelle Eskdale, encourages you to gather 5 to 8 of your friends for your private reading. Pick a place, pick a time, and the Angels and I would love to come and do readings for you! Readings may include Past Life Healing, Energy Work, information about helpful crystals, and affirmations to help you move forward in your life! AA Party Special of $60 per person. Private Full Reading value $70.00 Hostess Reading is always free! Value $70.00. Contact me today to find a suitable date! Ask us about hourly rates for larger groups and Corporate Events! Let us know if you’d like to include both for your upcoming Birthday Party/Friends Night, Girls Night out.


Divination & Energy Work