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Angelic Awareness Parties! By MoonLightWorkers!

Book today for your private group consultation with the Angels and Spirit Guides. Advanced Angel Enlightenment Practitioner, Michelle Eskdale, encourages you to gather 5 to 8 of your friends for your private reading. Pick a place, pick a time, and the Angels and I would love to come and do readings for you! Readings may include Past Life Healing, Mediumship, Energy Work, information about helpful crystals, and affirmations to help you move forward in your life! AA Party Special of $60 per person. Private Full Reading value $70 Contact me today to find a suitable date! Love & Light!

Suggestions — Please do not consume alcohol or other stimulants before the readings, as they may cause an interruption in the messages. Feel free to have snacks and beverages for your guests. Let’s choose a Friday or Saturday night, or Saturday and Sunday afternoon for your gathering. If you have more than 8 people, I can bring an additional Angel Reader with me. Please have a quiet space for our private readings, even just a separate room from where people with gather and chat.