What is Claircognizance?

When we talked about Clairsentience last month, we talked about the gut feelings you may have to help you make decisions.  What about those times when you just “KNOW” something.  One of the most difficult intuitive gifts to explain is Claircognizance.  It is basically just knowing something, with no idea how you came to know it.   The Definition** of Claircognizance or claircognisance is “The ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why they knew it”.  I also explain it myself as “I know, but I don’t know why I know”.  And the feeling is very certain.

My experiences have always felt random, and the difference between this and hearing your guides is that there is no delay in receiving the information.  It just seems to strike you and be part of what you know.  I attribute this to our downloads from our angels and guides.  When I have a download, I just feel a gentle pressure on my head and crown chakra, and sense that I’m being given information.  At the time, I do not know what that information is, what it’s for, or why it’s coming in.   I just wait to find out what I have been given.

It’s difficult to explain to others when you have an inner knowing.  I’ll often back it up by saying I had a feeling about it, as most people relate to feelings.  Some people have a very strong sense of this gift and make decisions on a regular basis, trusting this knowing.  The amazing thing is how quickly this knowledge just comes in, and how strongly we feel about the knowledge.

I believe it works in concert with our other gifts, as well.  It’s like a confirmation, a sudden ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in ourselves.   Although I have said that it feels very certain that you are right about this knowing, it can be helpful to ask yourself (your angels and guides) to confirm in another way, through your sight, your thoughts, or your feelings.

I also think that we can use our bodies as pendulums to get a yes and no confirmation.  This is also referred to as Muscle Testing.  To do this, stand up straight, relax, and take a deep grounding breath.  Then, make a statement that you know to be false.  For example, “I am 20 years old” and see what your body does.  Many people will sway or tilt backwards.  Some sway to the side.  Take note, that would be a “NO” for you.  Then, make a statement that you know to be true, for example “I am ____ years old” and take note of what your body does.  Many people will sway or tilt forward.   That is an example of a “YES” for you.  It’s a lot of fun.  You can use it to determine what’s best for you, in all areas of decisions.  It’s especially fun if you are mentally having a dilemma, as your body will tell you yes or no!

There are a lot of fun ways to explore this gift.  Start asking yourself questions.  Look at taking the Unwrap your Gifts course or connect for a reading to get more insight!  Learning to work with your intuition is fun and easy, and I’d love to assist you!

Michelle L Eskdale
August 1, 2023

Definition from

What is Clairsentience?

Do you remember being told to “Trust your gut” growing up?  I’m sure there have been times in your life that you felt positive about something, or uncomfortable about a situation, where you needed to trust your gut.  What we are experiencing when we have a feeling about a situation is your gift called Clairsentience.  It means Clear Feeling.  Your intuition has a wonderful way of letting you know things by giving you a physical response to them.  Goosebumps can feel warm or cold, indicating good or not good things/feelings/situations/people.  You may find yourself often noticing a physical response from the body regarding your surroundings.  Have you ever walked into a room and felt very uncomfortable, where the air feels heavy or tense?  This is an example of how your clairsentient gift is working for you.  You’re picking up on the ‘feelings’ in the room.

The ability to pick up on feelings of other people is what we call empathic ability.  At first, it appears to be empathy or understanding, but if you can strongly feel the way the other person feels, that is the energy of being an empath.  Children are very strong in this area.  Have you ever noticed that their mood could change in an instant, after being around someone happy, or someone sad or angry?  They are picking up on those feelings, and feeling them, within themselves.

Clairsentience is a very helpful gift.  It gives us the ability to ‘read the room’ or pick up on queues and signals from others.   It allows us to ascertain what is good for us, or not good for us.  Many people are doing a lot of their personal navigation through their feelings and senses.  Your personal aura is assisting you in picking up the energy around you, and giving you signals to let you know about the feelings in the room or another person.

Some people pick up on people who have passed away, in addition to those that are present.  Its interesting that I have found that the energy of people in spirit is different, depending on the person.  Sometimes the sensation of touch is warm, sometimes cool.  Sometimes gentle, sometimes strong.  It varies from person to person.  We don’t always pick up on these sensations, if we are focused on other things, so paying attention is a very good thing.

Another way that this gift is helpful is identifying other things that suit or do not suit you.  For example, picking out crystals or oracle decks.  Sometimes people will feel a warmth or coolness.  Sometimes they may feel a tingle in their hands or arms.  It varies from person to person, and this is where learning to muscle test can be of great assistance when helping to make decisions.  Your body inherently knows what is good or is not good for you.

There are a lot of fun ways to explore this gift.  Join me in learning to use your Intuitive Gifts or connect for a reading to get more insight!  Learning to work with your intuition should be fun and easy, and many of you are already doing it, much of the time.


Michelle L Eskdale
July 1, 2023

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is often spoken of in conjunction with mediumship or being psychic.  A lot of people may think that you are born with the gift of “seeing things” but that they, themselves, are not those people.  It may surprise you to know that we all have a certain amount of clairvoyance.  Each of us has each of the intuitive gifts, and we need to focus on how they work for us.  This is a fun and easy way to access your intuitive gifts.

You can visualize something in your mind’s eye.  If I were to ask you to visualize something, like your kitchen, would you be able to tell me if there is half a pot of coffee, or dishes in the sink?  When I ask you to visualize, pay attention to where that screen is in your mind.  Often, it’s in the front, above our eyes, or slightly to the right or left.  When you are asked to imagine, pay attention to the direction your physical eyes go, and that is a good indicator of where your screen is for your clairvoyant gift.

In addition, do you see and recognize signs and symbols?  Do you find dimes, see butterflies, notice repetitive numbers?  This is another way your clairvoyant gift is engaged.  This is often how our past loved ones connect with us, and it is another way your angels and guides may be affirming what you are thinking or asking for.  When you are praying for a sign, or guidance from your angel team or Source/Universe/God/Creator, you may find that there are signs around you letting you know your prayers are being heard.  Notice them, and be grateful, and more will come.

Our clairvoyant gift is quite amazing.   The ways you can see can be quite surprising.  When you are looking through your logical vision, you are thinking, discerning, figuring something out.  When you are looking through your intuitive vision, you are seeing signs, symbols, sparkles, energy, and sometimes shadows.  Working with your intuitive vision, is allowing your logical vision to blur, or not take control of what you are seeing.  You can practice watching a candle flame and letting your vision blur, to actively see the difference between the two types of vision.  If you wear glasses, often what you see through them is your logic, whereas your peripheral vision is intuitive.

Some people can see the energy around plants, people, and crystals.  You can let your logical vision blur, and notice the ring around something, the aura.  Some people can see colours that indicate emotion, or energy around someone.  When you are visualizing through meditation, that is also your intuition.  The ability to remotely view a location or a person is also a part of the gift.  Not everyone has access right away to each of these ways of seeing, however you can learn and practice to get more confidence.

Most of us disregard what we may see as illogical, and therefore not real.  As a child you may have had the gift of seeing people in spirit, but no one believed you, or told you that you imagined it.  In this case, we can stop believing in our Clairvoyant gift, and temporarily shut down our Third Eye.  It can be reopened through faith and practice.

Additional help for using your clairvoyant gift can come from meditating with certain crystals and stones.  Any stone that is a deep dark blue, cobalt, or purple, can assist you to activate your third eye.  Good examples are Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Sodalite and Charoite.  If you place the stone on your third eye, in the middle of your forehead, and deep breathe, you may start to see visions in your mind’s eye.  Even colours, energy moving, pictures may just randomly appear.  This is a good practice, and can be enhanced by asking a question, seeking something specific, or just allowing.

I challenge you to test this out for yourself.  See if you can identify the different ways your clairvoyant gift is working for you.  How does your Angel Team show you things?  If you have questions, please reach out, as this can take some time to master, and you may have a lot of questions or doubts.  The Intuitive Gifts course is a great way to begin working with this gift more fully.  Trust me, this is a fun, learning experience, helping us to pay attention to the guidance that is coming from our intuition.  Ask easy questions of yourself, like what route to take to work, or where to go for lunch, and see what happens. You may be shown a sign or a symbol, or the actual route / or food that would be in your highest good.

Learning to work with your intuition should be fun and easy, and many of you are already doing it, much of the time.


Michelle L Eskdale
June 1, 2023

What is Clairaudience?

Intuitive gifts come in a wide variety to give us all an advantage in how we relate to the world, and how we become aware of our internal and external guidance.  Over the next few months, I intend to provide as much information as possible on each of these gifts, to help you work with them, for yourself.  I’d be very happy to provide one-to-one support, or you may feel inspired to take the Intuitive Gifts courses to learn more about how we receive information from our guidance.

Clairaudience is an amazing gift, it means Clear (Clair) Hearing.  The hearing we are talking about is not necessarily from our ears, although in some cases we will have messages come that way.  What it’s all about is that internal guidance coming from your Angels and Guides, the Archangels, potentially loved ones from the other side, as well as Ascended Masters.  Our daily life is filled with audible signs, for example, when the microwave beeps, we know the food is ready.  We process this information through our logical mind first, but over time, our subconscious knows what to do and how to respond to repetitious messages.  So, we can be on autopilot, and not necessarily aware of what we are hearing.

In the case of what we hear, much of what we are listening to is the ‘voices’ in the mind.  We have three main voices in the mind, our Logic, our Ego, and our Intuition.

Logic is how we are programmed to think, by our parents, by society, by media, and by school.  Logic needs to make sense to us.  It also helps us rationalize those things that do not make sense and decide if they are indeed true or false.  Logic plays a part in discounting our intuitive senses, as there isn’t a rational explanation for how it works.  It speaks in fact and certainty.

The Ego is the instinctive part of our mind, which automatically brings up fears of anything new.  It makes sense, as it’s been with us since we were cavemen.  Its role at that time was to tell us to run from danger.  As we no longer meet the same kind of dangers in our daily lives, Ego can tell us to run from anything it doesn’t trust or things that are new to us.  It can make us unsure of ourselves and sabotage us, making us feel we lack courage.

Intuition is the conversation we have with ourselves, most of the time.  It’s a gentle, loving, positive, encouraging conversation.  It’s where we get most of our creative ideas.  It’s from here that our loving guidance from our Angel and Spirit guides are showing us the way.  The Intuitive guidance will always be loving, not harsh or critical.  This is the part of the mind that we need to pay attention to, regarding support and guidance.  For you, it may feel like you are talking to yourself.  In a way, you are, however, they are tapped into your soul and purpose, and are the best guide for whatever situation you may be in.  Learning to trust and listen to your intuition can be challenging, as the other parts of your mind will discount or negate the ideas.  You may think that you are making things up.  Learning to trust this guidance and information takes time and practice.   When you give advice to someone and don’t know where it came from, that is part of your Clairaudient gift.  Your Angels and Spirit guides are speaking through you, to support the other person.  They connect with the other person’s Angels and Spirit guides, and you channel that information to your friend.

Your intuitive hearing, or clairaudience, is how the metaphysical universe is supporting you.  When you are asking for something to happen, or asking for guidance, you may receive a message of confirmation in your head.  Or you may receive your message from outside of your head.  We may refer to these as Signs and ask that you keep your ears open for them.  Basically, when we are thinking about, praying about something, and we hear something outside of our heads that seems like an answer, or a confirmation, we need to trust that.

Say you were thinking about moving homes.  You had narrowed down the new location to one of two neighborhoods.  And you’re not sure where to start looking, so you are constantly asking ‘yourself’.  Your Angels & Spirit Guides will give you messages to help guide you.  Often this comes through your hearing.  You may hear one of the neighborhoods’ names pop up in your own head.  You may hear advertisements frequently about one of the neighborhoods.  You may overhear others conversing about that neighborhood specifically, even though you didn’t ask them about it.  This is the way the Angels and Spirit Guides are providing confirmation and direction through your Clairaudient gift.

I challenge you to test this out for yourself.  See if you can identify the different voices in your head and how they are working to assist you.  If you have questions, please reach out, as this can take some time to master, and you may have a lot of questions or doubts.  Trust me, this is a fun, learning experience, helping us to pay attention to the guidance that is coming from our intuition.  Ask easy questions of yourself, like what route to take to work, or where to go for lunch, and see what happens.

Learning to work with your intuition should be fun and easy, and many of you are already doing it, much of the time.


Michelle L Eskdale
May 1, 2023


A lot of the self-help industry is about appreciation and gratitude.  Does it really work?  I absolutely believe it does.   It’s a question of how you see your world.  If you’re focused on the negative in your world, the Law of Attraction will indeed bring you more of the same.  If you want to see a change in your world, you must change what you are focused upon.  Thus, we get to the concepts of appreciation and gratitude.

To be in gratitude is to fully appreciate and feel in your heart, the thankfulness, and gratitude for what is going well in your life.  It’s also good to focus on what you’d like to bring into your life and be in gratitude that it is already on the way, or even, already here.  When you bring up your heart’s vibration to match how good it feels when it arrives, even just how you imagine it, that’s the vibration that works with the law of attraction!

Believing that things can improve, and change is essential to our feelings of optimism.  Sometimes we are mired down, and using gratitude can help lift us out of that funk.  It’s important to take responsibility for our state of mind, and work to adjust it to a more harmonious, happier state.  I realize that some things in our life can really pull us down – but focus on the positives already in place can really lift you up!

What we recommend is to appreciate all the basic things.   Recite them in your mind, speak of them out loud, or write them in a journal to help confirm them.  Be in gratitude for the little things, your home, your vehicle, your health, the opportunities, the work, your home, your friends and family, the financial support from the universe.  Then you can start to focus on the things that you’d like to bring into your life.  Be in gratitude for them, as if they already exist.  I’m grateful for…  I’m thankful for…

Believe me, it can make all the difference to lifting you up, helping you appreciate what you have, and better things that are always on their way!  Add journalling your gratitude to your daily routine, in the morning, when you can really set the positive tone to your day.  Remind yourself when challenges arrive about the things you are grateful for, and lift yourself up.

I’m grateful for the connection with each and every one of you, and I appreciate your continued support!

Michelle L Eskdale
March 1, 2023

Angel Reading Benefits

Have you ever wondered how you would benefit from an Angel Card Reading?  Do you wonder what Angel Card Reading even is and how it differs from other types of readings?  I’m excited to share with you the world of possibilities an Angel Reading presents and its benefits.  This is something near and dear to my heart, and I love connecting with people and sharing what their Angels need them to know right now.

An Angel Card Reading or Oracle Card Reading is done using a deck of Oracle Cards, usually with a specific theme, to divine the future and get clarity on the past.  Oracle Cards differ from Tarot Cards in that you do not have to lay them out in a specific spread, and the interpretation is comes more from the reader and their guidance, than from the author of the cards.  Oracle Cards usually have a very lighthearted theme, for example Animals, Angels, Unicorns, Dragons, and Nature.  The concept is that it can be more “Plug and Play” than using Traditional Tarot Cards.  Some authors are now creating decks that combine the tarot aspects with the oracle vibration.

The tradition of tarot began in the early 1400s according to multiple sources including Wikipedia originally created as a game, with four suits. The original playing cards, also used as a method of divination known as Cartomancy. Traditional Tarot has a long rich history, and it can often take a reader years to learn the meanings of the cards, their associations to each other, and their placement in a spread.

One of the most widely known Tarot Decks would be The Rider Waite Tarot, originally the cards were first published during December 1909, by the publisher William Rider & Son of London. Modern day authors have created their own decks, using the Ace through King, four suits, and the Higher Arcana or variations of this standard.

Angel Card Reading became popular over the last 20 years or so, and now there are many potential decks a user can choose from.  Some believe Tarot readings elicit a darker edge and message, but in my experience, they are valid and can provide much insight.  I highly respect the abilities of Tarot Readers, and have known many of them to be amazing, insightful, prophetic and kind.

Oracle and Angel Oracle Cards are intended to be uplifting, empowering, and positive for the reader and the client.  This doesn’t mean that the issues are swept under the rug, they are brought forth to be sure.

As an Angel Card Reader, it’s important that we are connecting to our higher, intuitive self to receive information on behalf of the client.  We ask the Angels & Guides to assist us in bringing forward what the client needs to know, and allow the info to flow forth, using the Oracle Cards as guidance.  We ask to connect to the Angelic Realm, Angels & Guides, our ancestors, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Source/God/Creator/Spirit/Universe to ensure we are calling in all the love and support we need.

An Angel Card Reading is not all about the positivity, we do talk about all the issues going on in your world, and what you need to know to empower you to make change.  Each of us is here, in this lifetime, to grow and learn lessons.  Our relationships are all about lessons.  So an Angel Card Reading is intended to give you clarity on your own world, what may come forth, and what you can do to make those changes as positive as possible.  Each reader has a different style and method to pulling forth information, so not all readings will be the same.  At times we are guided to provide methods of healing using Crystals and the assistance of specific Archangels to assist a client in moving forward on their healing journey.  Many people feel uplifted and empowered by the clarity and insight that results from an Angel Card Reading.

I love to provide Angel Card Readings and enjoy providing insight and clarity on many aspects of the client’s world.  I would be honoured to connect for you, and I welcome any questions you may have.

Michelle L Eskdale
March 1, 2023

New Year New You?

At this time of the year, we are encouraged to take stock of where we are, what we have achieved, and reminded to get back on track.  I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, as I feel that we often bite off more than we can chew, and then are disappointed and unhappy with ourselves when we fail to achieve.  This is not the best way we can make change for ourselves.  Sometimes it has to be one bite at a time, one thing at a time, one day at a time.

When you feel something no longer suits you, like a behaviour or a habit, and you feel the desire to change, it’s important to really understand your WHY?  Why do I need to / want to make this change?  What will it bring me? And why am I choosing to do this?  Remember that you are choosing to make a change, rather than you have to make a change.  Your Why needs to be strong, so focus on something that brings you joy, peace or happiness.  Sometimes we need to change something around our health, but to do it for ourselves may not have enough power – maybe we need to do it for our kids, our parents, our partners, keeping in mind that ultimately, you are doing it for yourself.

Some people are discouraged due to lack of motivation.  The motivation can be strong at the outset, but can fade quickly as we slide back into old habits.  I’ve learned that motivation comes as a result of being disciplined.  When we are disciplined about something, we can form a new habit, then our mind and body expect us to follow through on this habit.  It can take a couple of weeks, but we need to stick with it!  Once you have created this new habit, and stick with it, you’ll see desire to continue with it.  In no time, you’ll be seeing the positive results.

Another important key is accountability, especially to us.  It’s good if you have someone encouraging in your life to help you be accountable, but at the same time, you owe it to yourself to stick to the plan, and use positive self talk to stay on track.  Beating yourself up will not yield the results you are looking for.  Lots of internal cheerleading, affirmations, and belief in yourself will be very helpful.

Take it one change at a time, layering on the next, once you feel you are settled in the first new habit.  Too much change all at once can leave you feeling like a fish out of water.  But when you find a rhythm with the first change, add an additional, then give it a couple weeks before adding the next.  Slowly but surely, you’ll manage to make the changes you seek, and they will be created in a healthy way.

Wishing you blessings on a beautiful, positive New Year,

Michelle L Eskdale
December 27, 2022

How Are You A Healer?

A great many of you help others, and support others on their journey.  The amazing thing about our own life’s journey is that the lessons we learn, are meant to help us to teach others.  Guiding others based on your own experience is what some methods of healing are about.  Before we were born, we signed up to do a lot of learning, and many of us did so, in order to support others.  We are also given intuitive guidance on how to help other people.  When we combine our learning with our intuition, this is how we are meant to assist others in healing.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to be a healer.  But you are, by supporting others, often assisting with their healing journey.  This doesn’t mean that you need to rush out and help people, but it is often easier to accept some of our lessons, knowing that they will play another role in enabling us to help other people.  When you are guided to share a life experience with someone who is going through something similar, you may find that you relate to your lesson differently.  You’ll see the strength you had to move through the experience, the emotional components but also the healing and how you overcame.  This may be just what the other person needs to hear, and feel, to move through their own experience.

On my journey, I recognize that some significant events have come up for me, also have come up for other people in their lives.  When we work with our intuitive guidance and are open to help others, we will find that we connect with people we can help.  Not everyone is meant to do this, but you may find it comes up for you every so often, and you see why that person was brought into your energy.  If you have the desire to assist, you can ask your Angels to help you speak your truth with love, to help this person to see potential solutions and ease their stress around the situation.

If you feel you are meant to support others in a healing way, we can work together to help you connect to your inner guidance, using your intuitive gifts.  Please remember that you can share ideas, and let the other person decide if they find this helpful or valid for themselves.  People do not need to take your advice, but likely will if it resonates with them.  It is not everyone’s journey to be a healer, but it is wonderful that we can often support and assist people by being willing to share our own experiences.

Thank you all for continuing to connect with me, and allowing me to support your own healing journey.  It is a blessing to be able to help, and I look forward to working with you going forward.

Michelle L Eskdale
November 30, 2022®

What Do I Need To Know To Be Happy in My Union?

Whether you are just starting out together on this lifelong journey, or have been together for a while, it is very important to understand that you are in control of your own happiness.  Each little thing that your partner does or says that inspires happiness in you, encourage.  Each thing that brings you frustration, anger or sadness, communicate about.

Letting things fester, unspoken words, unappreciated actions, creates a rift in your relationship.  In time, you may find a cold spot growing between you.  Remember that the opposite of Love is Apathy, not hate.  When you stop caring about that person, or about their achievements or problems, you need to look at the reasons.

To be happy, you must first DECIDE to be happy.  There is a wise article I once read in Readers Digest about a happy marriage.  After many years, an elderly woman was asked, ‘How did you stay happy for so long, didn’t you ever feel like leaving him?’  Her answer was beautiful, ‘On our wedding day, I decided that he could do 5 things that would not upset me. Whenever he’d do anything that I didn’t appreciate, I’d just say ‘That was one of the 5 things’.

When you DECIDE to be happy, you need to look for the pleasures you bring each other, remember the things that inspired you to fall in love with them.   You can appreciate the idiosyncrasies that would drive you crazy, and forgive them their unique behaviors.   Communicate with them when you appreciate them, and when they’ve done or said something that has you feeling hurt or angry.

Communication is an amazing key.  That being said, most relationships suffer due to partners not being able to speak their own personal truth.  Your truth must be spoken, gently if possible, if you want to be understood and you want things to improve or change.  When truth isn’t being spoken, assumptions are being created, and that can be very unhealthy.  When you assume what the other person meant, or what they were trying to achieve, and do not communicate, you create barriers between you, that can open a cold rift all due to misunderstanding.

Above all, get to know yourself, to better understand your partner.  Know what makes you happy, know how to express it, and know how to show your love.

Michelle L Eskdale
October 12, 2022®

Back to School Energy

Welcome to an amazing time of year, energetically!  I hope that you agree with me, when I say that this time of year always fills me with a certain excitement.  Although my kids are grown and not returning to school at this time, I always am filled with a sense of renewal, a resurgence of motivation, as we get to September.  I do happen to have a September birthday, so that may play a part in it, based on numerology and the idea that your Birthday is your personal New Year.  Ever since I was a child, I am filled with hope, optimism and fantastic energy in late August, early September.

Based on the seasons, coming into the fall harvest can very much align with you harvesting the benefits of all the seeds you planted in the spring.  Think about your dreams, your creative pursuits, or any of the changes you planted in the spring, and see how well they are coming along.  When we focus on where we are at this minute, we may not be seeing just how far we have come.  With anything, it’s healthy to reflect on the gains you have made, the shifts you have seen in yourself and the growth along the way.

Another great thing about this time of year is being able to plan personal growth for the next few months.  Coming into the cooler season, we will be spending more time indoors, and that is great time to take classes, bring in a new practice around meditation or spiritual growth.  Think about the shifts you have made this year, so far, and what would complement them.  Take advantage of this back to school energy and make a plan for yourself.

Many of my clients have been going through a lot of personal and spiritual growth.  When we take a look at the lessons we are being taught, we can appreciate them, gain from them, and make healthy changes to ourselves.  These are often around putting ourselves first, loving ourselves, and creating healthy boundaries.  Healthy boundaries come in, when you recognize that the things you have been doing for others, or the things you have not been doing for yourself become apparent.  We have a tendency to be people pleasers, and often sacrifice what we need for ourselves to be there for others.  In this way, you’ll be dealing with a deficit in your own energy, and find yourself getting cranky, or disliking what you had liked doing in the past.  Please heed this as a warning, as it is your resistance to continue on the path that you are on, and you’ll need to make a change.  Remember that you are your best self when you take care of your needs, first.

With this fresh sense of renewal in the fall, I encourage you to find a way to make some shifts in your world.  Practice identifying if you want to do something, before you say yes to it.  Recognize that your feelings matter, and when we are not paying attention, our body will start to tell us there is something wrong.  We all have intuitive guidance that tells us if something does not suit us any longer.  We can practice using that guidance to better understand what is aligned with our spirit.

If you would like to connect to get clarity on some of these wonderful changes you can be making for yourself, I would love to do a reading with you.  Blessings on a fruitful harvest season, looking forward to connecting with you.

Michelle L Eskdale
August 31, 2022®


Many of you know that I love the Law of Attraction processes and may suggest them to you when we connect for a reading.  Law of attraction is all about learning to attract what you want in your life, the good things, like health, financial abundance, health, love, relationships, good jobs and anything else that you feel would bring positive into your life.  There are some amazing gurus out there that teach us how to work with vibration in order to attract what we want.  Some of these include Abraham-Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Louise Hay.  Daily, I will listen to YouTube videos from some of these amazing leaders in the Law of Attraction, Manifesting, and Self Love areas.

Louise Hay is a real favorite of mine, as she gets down to the heart of matters and teaches us to work with Self-Love.   When we do not feel worthy of something we are trying to create, it can mean that we do not love ourselves enough to believe we deserve that which we are trying to call in or manifest.  Thus our ability to attract the good things is diminished, as we ourselves do not believe we deserve it.  This can be a very frustrating situation.  We need to believe deeply, and fully, that we deserve that which we desire, in order for it to properly manifest in our lives.  Louise Hay is the foremost expert, in my opinion, on learning to Love YOURSELF, and to release belief systems that do not support you and that Love for self.

The challenge comes from our thinking, and continued thoughts that cancel out the good things we’ve been affirming to ourselves.  We have a tendency to let our thoughts run free, and can go from a place of feeling really good, to a place of sadness, doubt, depression, anger or frustration, just by the thoughts that we are thinking.   It is surprising how quickly we can go from good thoughts to less good thoughts, but the brain is moving so quickly, it can be difficult to slow that down.

We actually do have a choice about what we think.  We can stop a thought, replace a thought, or just let them run.  When we let them run, they follow the path of least resistance, which is taking us into what we have practiced all along.  Often pessimistic thoughts, or belief systems are so heavily programmed within us, that it takes a conscious effort to shift them.  Stopping them and replacing them is something we often talk about with our angels.  When we have a thought that we do not want to create, we need to stop it from going out to the universe and replace it with something better.  Wait a minute, I didn’t mean to send that out, what I truly desire is… what I really want is… what I want to feel is….   Think of it like Cancel, Clear, Delete – And replace with a more genuine, positive thought or words.

For example, if we are trying to change what we deem to be an unhealthy habit, we have to be very mindful of what we are thinking before we actually give into the habit.  We also will want to take a look at what we are feeling, why are we feeling that way, and is that habit really the solution to how we are feeling.   Thoughts drive feelings, and when we have a thought, we almost instantly have a feeling.  These feelings are driving our behaviors.  Once we can slow down the process, we can choose how to feel about the thought.  Or choose how to react to the thought and the feeling, thus we can start to change our response to the thought.

This all takes a lot of practice and mindfulness.  We have to be very aware of what we are thinking and how it is driving our behaviors.

What can be very helpful to start with, is to redirect the thought to a better thought.  Choose a better way to phrase what you are thinking.  Instead of saying that you are too weak to overcome something, reframe it to be that you are getting stronger every day, and capable of overcoming that what is challenging you.   Say loving, kind things to yourself, support your own growth, be loving, kind and compassionate to self.  You didn’t get to this space overnight, so it can take some time for us to adjust and improve the things that we do.

Come at it from a place of self-love and compassion.  Treat yourself lovingly and kind.   Using harsh words to make an adjustment to your behaviors and thoughts will only keep you in the same space.

When you want to shift something in your world, it’s important to be truly honest with yourself, and kind.  Then you can start working with affirmations around what you do want, versus what you currently have.  Be aware that where you are right now, is where you are meant to be, and you are always growing.  When you find a feeling that feels really good, like love, joy, happiness, creative surge, then focus on that feeling and say to the Universe “More of this, please”…. Hold that thought, that feeling, that vibration for as long as you can, as you are actually practicing feeling good.  Practicing feeling good, will lead to more time feeling good, and ultimately will help you attract more of what makes you feel good.

The Law of Attraction is very much like a law of physics.  The Vibration of how we are thinking and feeling, will be what we will attract to ourselves.  If you don’t like what you are attracting, then you have to check in with how are you vibrating?  What energy are sending out to the Universe, and how do we want to shift that to improve what we are bringing in.

One of my favorite things to use is gratitude.  When we are in the vibration of gratitude, feeling grateful, then we are giving that loving positive feeling out to the universe and essentially calling in “More of this”.  When you feel good, ask for more of this!  When you don’t feel good, feel your feelings, ask what they are trying to tell you, and process the emotion.  Once you’ve processed, do your best to get back into a feeling of gratitude about what is going well, and again, ask for more of this.

This whole process takes a considerable amount of practice, but I can assure you, it will be worth it.  It is important to consider and question your beliefs and your feelings, especially when you do not feel that they are valid anymore.

I encourage you to get on You-tube or podcasts that assist you in raising your vibration, shifting yourself in to a space of Self-Love, and learning to manifest and attract that which you truly desire.  I’m in gratitude for our continued connection, and I feel joy when we have the chance to reconnect.

Michelle L Eskdale
August 1, 2022®

Working Through Your Challenges

In this day and age of being busy all the time, we have a tendency to overlook, suppress, or ignore some of our feelings daily.  This can amount to an incredible challenge of having emotional overload, and then getting to the point of automatic suppression.  It’s interesting, how and when we take downtime, we use numbing behaviors, to try to ignore the feeling of dissatisfaction we may be experiencing in our world.  I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts on working on emotions, feelings, and shifting ourselves into a better place.  Frankly, we spend a lot of time in the past, rethinking, reliving, re-experiencing things that happened to us, and dwelling on these things.  This is discouraging our movement into the future, and our ability to manifest the good things we’d like to have in our lives.  We need to become more conscious of our thinking, what are we focusing on, and stopping these spirals into past thoughts.  It’s not an easy task to stop, once we begin to obsess about something, what I could have said or done differently, and we keep taking ourselves into this spiral instead of moving forward.

In truth, it takes being conscious of our thought processes, and stopping ourselves when we feel ourselves going in those directions.  Through practice, practice, practice, we can replace these thoughts.  Ask yourself, is this how I really want to be feeling right now?  Is there a better thought I can be thinking?  Something positive, uplifting, loving to self, focused on the future and how things can improve in your world is the place to start.  This is why affirmations, when used daily, can be so helpful.  We need to redirect the old playlist of self-doubt, unhappiness, replaying past event to a more positive outcome, a focus on how absolutely amazing your life can be.

I’ve been listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza who explains that we can practice on a daily basis being more present, and actually focusing on the feelings in our body.  When we are spiraling, we are not in our body, we are in our heads.  We are not connected to our heart space, we are connected to old programming in the head that needs adjustment through our emotions.  When we can focus on a positive emotion in the body, truly begin to experience the positive projected emotion that we would like to be feeling, we begin to train our body and brain to focus on that better feeling.  How could would it be if you could feel joy, love, abundance, wealth, freedom, great health, and general happiness?

When you find yourself feeling down, frustrated, or stressed, check in with yourself and ask, what is really going on here?  What am I thinking, and is it true?  Is it really true for me, now?   We can change these thoughts by going to a positive affirmation that contradicts what thoughts were just flowing into us.  So, for an example, if you were thinking that you feel undervalued, and that this is a recurring theme in your life, and you are sad and frustrated by these thoughts.  The brain will start give you a lot of reasons to really get caught up in this, playing old situations and scenarios to validate this negative thought you are having.  So the brain is showing you, that you are ‘right’ to feel the way you do.  This just piles on top of the feelings you were having and makes the issue that much more complicated or obsessive.   And you may feel like there is no way out of this.  But there is!

Tell the brain to stop, tell yourself to just stop – And instead start to do some deep breathing and repeating an affirmation to yourself – I AM VALUED, I AM WORTHY, I AM RESPECTED….Do a cycle of breathing, deep breath in, deep breath out, and constantly repeat this affirmation to yourself, over and over.  If the voice in your brain chimes in, say “NO” and go back to repeating your affirmation, until you feel calmer, more in control and more peaceful.

We can often find that when we are not feeling healthy, well rested, well fed, or haven’t had enough downtime, these things can start to take us over.  We need to ensure you’re getting your needs met.  A practice of good sleep, good food, exercise, meditation, breath-work, and journaling can really help to bring this all together.   When we are not feeling ‘good’ that is the perfect time for those thoughts to come and run us over.  We need to develop a daily practice that allows for having all those needs met, plus gives us a little time to stop and breathe.

Remember that you are an amazing being, capable of great love, freedom, wealth and happiness.  You deserve to be happy, and to have good things flowing to you.  You have to truly believe that and believe in yourself to have these positive changes come forth.  The Law of Attraction, and the laws of quantum physics state that if we have positive vibration in our heart space, we attract more of the same.  We have to stay on top of the negative feelings and emotions, that become distractions from what we are really wanting to achieve, and they keep us stuck.  You have the power to make these adjustments to your thinking, your feeling and your vibration.  Be mindful of what you think, and how you are calling things into your world.  Remind yourself to not allow getting stuck in a negative loop about yourself, your situation, and instead continue to work on bringing the positive thoughts and feelings into reality.

Michelle L Eskdale
July 10, 2022®

Spiritual Affirmations to Manifest Your Life’s Desires

Thank you **Creator/Spirit/God/Angels/Universe for assisting me to meet all my financial needs and more, and so it is.

I’m in gratitude for the money that always flows to me, and meets all my needs, plus more that is always coming.

I’m in gratitude to work my purpose and have all my needs met.

I’m in gratitude for all the money energy that comes my way, and more that is always intended.

I am aligned with my purpose and my business flourishes with helpful people, opportunities and money energy.
I only attract those that I am meant to work with, I trust and have faith that we will connect.
My business ventures meet my financial and spiritual needs, and I’m in gratitude for the healthy connections I make through my purpose.
**Creator/Spirit/God/Angels/Universe, I’m in gratitude for this healthy, amazing body I’m in.  I love myself more each day, and am in gratitude that you will continue to “Right-size” my body.
Creator/Spirit/God/Angels/Universe, I’m in gratitude for the health, the strength, and the beauty of my body.
I love myself and I love my body exactly the way I am, I’m strong, I’m healthy, I’m capable.
My self-love radiates from my in my confidence, my compassion, my kindness.  I am worth loving.
Love / Relationships
**Creator/Spirit/God/Angels/Universe, I vibrate with high level of deserving for a partnership of love, trust, faith, support, and joy.
I am deserving of a loving relationship with a healthy spiritual partner

The partner I attract will be worthy of ME, deserve ME, and honour ME

I only accept those people into my live that match my integrity, my honesty, my optimism, my ambition and my faith

I recognize when I have patterns that require healing, and am in gratitude when Creator/Spirit/God/Angels/Universe brings them to my attention.

**Please substitute your own choice for Creator/Spirit/God/Angels/Universe

Michelle L Eskdale
June 12, 2022®

Doing the Work

As human beings on a spiritual journey, you’ll often hear that you have to “Do the Work”.  This is different for every person.  One person’s path is unlikely to be the same as another’s’.  The idea behind a spiritual journey, is that we are working toward improving ourselves, grown, increasing self-love, learning to release attachments, release judgement, and find our way to being enlightened, joyous people.  There are so many different ways that we can move toward this, and there isn’t a script, a plan, a right or wrong way.  I wanted to talk about some of this today.

For the past 13 weeks, I’ve been working on my own health, self-love, unhealthy behaviors, and mental and spiritual health.    I may have my purpose somewhat sorted, and I  have areas that need a lot of person growth.  Belief systems seem to be one of the major ones that you and I will need to work on.  Especially beliefs about ourselves, our duties & responsibilities, our vision of who we are and what we want to project to the world.

Many of us are brought up to show only a positive outlook, and thus we create a persona of how we want the world to see us.  We hide away the things that we don’t love about ourselves, we suppress our feelings through numbing behaviors, and we generally live in a world of intense personal stress because we constantly questions who we are, and if it’s right to be the way we are.  That’s the funny part, it’s not right NOT to be who you really are.  It’s so important that our growth take us to a place of authentic being.  Truly understanding our real needs, being able to set healthy personal boundaries, and learning to just love others, and especially ourselves.

We also have a tendency to focus on outside things to think about, to stress about, to advocate about, or to generally get ourselves into an uproar over. We spend hours down the rabbit holes of news and social media.  We medicate and numb ourselves with food, cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, shopping, gambling and others to stop the feelings of stress and overwhelm, that we are, ourselves, creating in our world.  We neglect our most basic needs and make excuses not to eat well or exercise as we are too tired.  And we are, indeed, too tired from all the stress we’re bringing into our lives.  But if we don’t change this behavior, we’re shortening our lives, and basically obliterating the potential joy of our existence.

In order to really see how you are limiting yourself, not caring enough for yourself, you have to get very honest with yourself.  Realize that all the excuses, are indeed excuses to not have to feel.  We’ve been taught from an early age what are good and bad feelings, and this is one of our biggest belief systems to adjust.  All feelings are only feelings.  They tell us something is wrong, or something is right.  Something is good, or something is bad.  It’s truly that simple.  When we can allow ourselves to sit in our feelings, and truly see what we are being told, we can release them, and learn from them.  Our feelings of stress or tension, usually indicate our personal resistance to what we’re being told, what we believe to be true in our lives, or being asked to do things that just don’t feel right and may go against our deeper beliefs.   We often stress about doing the right things, what will people think of us, or doing what we’ve been told is the right thing.

The reason this is important to figure out is that your energy is a magnet.  What you focus on you can bring in, or create.  When you’re focused on stress, you bring more stress.  Many of you know that the Law of Attraction is a powerful law, and that when we’re truly paying attention, we can bring in what we truly want and desire, through the visualization and happy joyous feelings that this desire brings us.  The challenge is, to get a pure feeling within yourself, and being able to put it out there to say “This is what I want”.  You need to get into a state of real relaxation to bring this about.  This is why meditation is so very important.  Learning to quiet the mind is essential to being able to bring about a feeling of pure joy and happiness within the heart space.  And you need to be so very consistent about doing it, daily, more than once a day.

What I’ve been taught to do is something called Buddha Belly Breathing.  Basically it’s a large inhale for the count of 4, pushing out the belly, then hold for 4, then release for 4, and hold again for 4.   Doing this for 20 minutes a day, twice a day, and only focusing on the counting, will bring you to a delightful, Zen state.  It is in this state that we can do our very best manifesting.  I’m in gratitude for Dr. Elsa Wagdy for bringing this into my awareness, and helping me on my healing journey.  (

I challenge you to try, starting with 10 minutes a day, morning and evening.  Recommending that you take time before social media, or the news so that your brain is fresh and ready to manifest.   Once you complete the breathing, sit quietly and really focus on what you desire.  Bring that desire in with feelings, smells, sounds, and truly create a picture in your mind’s eye of how you want things to be.  When you reach a state where you feel the happiness of this future, then you ask for this to be brought to you.    Give this a try, each time you do the deep breathing and meditation, and see things start to shift for the better for you!

Abraham Hicks calls this being in the Vortex.  This is all about being in a state of excitement about the future, in joy about what you’re asking for, and expecting it to be delivered, in gratitude.

Michelle L Eskdale
May 1, 2022®

Getting Back In Focus

For many people, it’s not hard to lose focus on the things that are important to you, personally.  Many of us are focused on other people’s dreams, projects, life, health, or problems.  As helping people, loving people, we will so often put others’ needs before our own.  This selfless action causes us to stray from our purpose, but the universe and the angels have ways to get us back on track.

Have you ever been really sick once you finally go on vacation?  This is the way your body tells you, you’ve been overdoing it.  It’s amazing how often people will go too long between breaks.  Our society, especially since the advent of the 40-hour workweek, strives to keep us so busy, we don’t have time for our own thoughts, our own purpose, and frankly our own health.  So, when things calm down, the universe has a way of making you REALLY slow down, sometimes life comes to a complete halt.  Being programmed to be good providers, and hard workers essentially create a class of workaholics, which leads to a lack of focus on the things that really matter, especially our purpose.

When I talk about your purpose, there is a dream or an ambition within each of us, to ‘change the world’ in our own small way.  Not that it would be a small thing, in any way, but we often don’t dare to dream of how big it really could be.  This can be due to our feelings of personal worth and deservedness.  It could also be that we’ve never had the best support system to create that dream, and are often talked down, or talked out of it.  Such a sad thing, really.

If you have a purpose and ambition, you need to nurture it, grow it, journal it, daydream about it, and bring it into reality.  This doesn’t mean you need to quit your job, but you need to be able to attend to this dream and give it some time to grow and get strongly rooted.  When we continue to sacrifice ourselves for our parents, our children, and our employers, we get further and further from the dream, and this is going to lead to depression.  You also may be slowed down by your Angels and the Universe.

We have everything we need to create, except we do not give ourselves TIME.  Time is essential, even a little here and there, to work on and nurture that dream.   We need to focus for ourselves, on ourselves, and our dream to bring it into reality.

To that end, I invite you to get yourself back into focus on what is really important to you, to your soul.  Start by taking 20 minutes to an hour each week, to journal, or make notes on what you’ve been holding back on creating.  Once you start getting excited about it again, increase it to 20 minutes minimum a day, spending time on this dream.  Visualize how it will be when it all falls into place.  Using Daydreaming as a manifesting tool, decide what you need to have to make it happen to bring it into reality.  Keep a notebook on hand so that you can add notes every time your angels bring something new into the picture.

I challenge you to bring yourself back into focus, remind yourself of hopes, dreams, aspirations, plans and purpose, and breathe life into them.  Take some time for yourself, even if it’s between other responsibilities, to bring back the joy in your life, the thing you’ll stay up late to create, or rise early with beautiful enthusiasm and put pen to paper.  If you’re like me, best to write at the computer, as once the thoughts start rolling, it can be tough to keep up by hand.

Your dreams can really begin to take form this year!  And 2022 is going to be about partnerships, the vibration of 2 means partnerships, whether romantic, or business, so getting a strong relationship going with your inner self is the first step.   Realize your dreams, listen to your inner voice and your Angels to truly bring about a magnificent year of creation!   I know I will be, and I look forward to hearing about your dreams when we connect next!

From Joanne Sacred Scribes:  “ANGEL NUMBER 2022

Number 2022 contains the vibrations of number 2 appearing three times, magnifying its energies, and the influences of number 0.  Number 2 lends its vibrations of duality, balance and adaptability, diplomacy and co-operation, faith and trust and serving your life purpose.  It is also the number of partnerships, love and family.  Number 0 amplifies the energies of the numbers it appears with making them more powerful and influential. Number 0 relates to developing one’s spiritual aspects and resonates with potential and/or choice, eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point. Number 2022 resonates with balance, faith, manifesting miracles and new opportunities. “

Read More here….

Michelle L Eskdale
January 5, 2022®

Emotional Waves

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a lot more sensitivity for myself, clients and friends in regards to our emotional being.  It’s amazing how the collective consciousness, and the astronomical changes can truly affect us.  We may think we’re not connected to these things; that we are strong enough, or maybe we don’t even believe that either can affect us.  A lot of people have become a lot more aware of Mercury in retrograde as being a time when communication and electronics may break down.  A few of the other planets have been doing little dances across the sky as well.  In addition, the energy changes with both the Full and New Moon may have passed by without a change to your own emotional being.  You may now notice more emotional things creeping up.  Congratulations, you are coming into a stronger connection between your spiritual and your emotional beings.

Now, the challenge of course, is to be able to cope in a society with the expectations we have of being normal, managing jobs and homes, and continuing on our merry way.  When we are hit by one of these emotional waves, we may feel like things are coming apart…falling apart, breaking down.  The truth is, if you had been suppressing emotional situations, thinking you’re ‘over it’ or you ‘moved past it’ you may find your body, emotions and spirit telling you otherwise.

When we ‘get over it’, we actually have suppressed the emotional in our heart, solar plexus, and throat chakras.  It stays there until an opportunity to do the healing and release it.  When we don’t release it, think of it like a monkey wrench in the machine works, bouncing around negative energy within our body.  This, according to amazing writers like Louise Hay, is the cause of illness and dis-ease in the body.

I’m one to get over things.  As a Virgo with a rational mind, I limit the amount of time I feel it should take to recover from a situation.  I once gave myself 30 days to grieve a 4 year relationship.  It was mostly enough, but not quite.  The psychiatric community puts a measure of 2 years on the time to go through the 5 stages of grief, so once you’ve met that time, you may feel you need to be ‘over it’.  Move on, move forward.  Truly, healing is different for everyone.  It cannot be measured, as we also cannot be measured.  Each of us is a culmination of experiences, belief systems, past life information, and environment.  This makes us each, totally unique, therefore immeasurable.

When the Emotional Waves come in, do your best to let it flow, let it move through you, let it teach you.  Sometimes we look upon it as an inconvenience, or that we may be losing our minds.  In truth, these things bubble to the surface, often, because we haven’t dealt with them, and our other stress levels have made us vulnerable.  That, and I blame the moon cycles.

The New Moon is a wishing moon, the perfect manifesting time, for bringing about what you intend, or would like to have in your life.  The Full Moon, is the detoxing moon, a very effective time to release grief, sadness, and belief systems that no longer serve you.

What you need to know, is when emotion surfaces, like anger, grief, jealousy, sadness, loneliness, loss, it needs to be acknowledged.  It needs to be heard and released.  You need to yell, cry, speak out, and nurture yourself.  You need to write a letter to your pain, read it out loud to your Full Moon, and burn the letter. You can actually do this anytime, anywhere…you don’t have to wait for the Full Moon. You can also talk out your feelings, aloud, to yourself, to God/Creator/Universe, and release it that way.  Be as dramatic and emotional as you can, as you want all that energy out of your ‘system’.

How do you know when you’ve released it?  Often you’ll feel much lighter afterward.  We all feel better after what might be termed an ‘ugly cry’…  But it’s not ugly, it’s beautiful releasing.  You should also notice that you can speak about the situation without getting emotionally overwhelmed.  It will help you to look back on the situation with love, forgiveness, even fond memories when you’ve finally released the pain surrounding the situation.

When I talk about these situations, we have to remember that we do grieve loss of so many things.  You can be excited and happy about a new home, a new partner, a new job, however you still need to grieve the loss of the previous state of being.  It amazes me how much we feel loss when we leave a company, even though we’re looking forward to the next adventure.  And even worse if we don’t leave the company by our own choice.  This must be grieved.  We must get to a point of gentle understanding that whatever comes next will be in our highest and best good…and you cannot get there until you grieve.

Relationships ending have a different type of grieving.  We need to grieve what we didn’t get in the relationship, as well as a loss of the good things in the relationship.  We need to heal and understand the life lessons that we were being taught, and finally come to a point of gratitude toward our former partner for teaching us the lessons we agreed to as souls before coming to this lifetime.  Until we heal and move forward, we may continue to attract the same life lesson from new people.

The main message I want to leave you with is that Emotional Waves hit hard when we don’t heal our pain.  They can throw a real monkey wrench into the works, and hit you with a wave of depressive feelings and sadness.  When you’ll give yourself the time, and work with the energy coming up, you can heal it, and move on in a healthy way.  If you’d like to explore some options for healing with crystal and angel energy, connect with me.  It’s a wonderful way to heal yourself.
Michelle L Eskdale
November 30, 2021®

Enrich Your Faith

Faith, although used as a term in conjunction with religion, is something we all need to work on, regardless of our view of spirituality.  When we talk about having faith, this is actually our trust in the universe or higher power that things are going to work out for us.

When we talk about having faith in a person, it means we trust them, and know they’ll do what’s best for themselves and others.  When we have faith in our spiritual focus, it means that we trust that the universe is bringing us what is always in our highest and best good.  We practice gratitude that we can trust and have faith that wherever we are right now, we are exactly where we are meant to be.

Our challenge comes when we lose faith, or need to refocus our faith in a person, place or thing.  When we lose faith in a person, this often comes from too many situations where they may have let you down, or not followed through as they said they would.  This saddens us, and must be released in order not to discolor future relationships, and change our ability to trust other people to do as they say.  Also, losing faith in a person, place or thing, can lead to an apathetic response in ourselves.  I don’t know about you, but feeling apathetic is one of the least desirable feelings I can conjure.  I want to have faith in people, and I give them the opportunity to show me I was right to have faith in them.  I’m grateful that I do not expect people to lose my faith, and I vibrate to have only those that I can have faith in, come into my inner circle.

Faith is very powerful when it comes to our Health.  When we are healthy, we don’t usually run around telling everyone how healthy we are.  In contrast, when we’re not feeling great, we’re prone to share with everyone around us.  When we deal with the law of attraction, we are attracting “not feeling great” more often than we attract “Feeling good”.  This is up to you to adjust, and instead of focusing on those days when you aren’t well, you have to turn it around and use an affirmation (asking Ego to be quiet) or prayer to Archangel Raphael that you are in “Divine and Perfect Health, right now”  Have faith that your good attitude and gratitude will bring you healing.

When we talk about having faith in other areas, like our jobs, we have to learn to put our trust in the universe and have faith that whatever comes our way, is what is in our best and highest good.  We know it’s hard to shift our faith from a person, or a company, or our doctor, but ultimately, all of those things are subject to the Free Will of other people.  Free will is that everyone has a right to choose what they believe is best for them, and therefore, they may not always live up to what is best for you.  I worked corporate for 35 years, and in that period of time, I had a lot of company loyalty, and loyalty to my good managers.  When change would happen, it was very discouraging, as I realized they may not have had any free will to prevent the changes that would happen to me.  Thus I realized, that company loyalty was actually not trusting the universe to look out for me.  As a result, being packaged out, or being let go of a job was actually teaching me to have faith in the universe, that it knew the best place for me to be, and I was being removed from something that was no longer for me.  It wasn’t really the company, or my management that was responsible. I believe I was being redirected, so that my soul could experience what is next for me.  Over time, I have let go of feelings of hurt associated with not feeling fully valued and appreciated at a corporate job.

The same thing happens in relationships.  I believe I’ve spoken about resistance to change in the past, and will make a note to address that area in an upcoming blog.  (See “Cruise Control in this blog for some examples)  When things are going very well, we have faith in our partner, we have faith that things are working out for us, are feeling very much in the right place in our life.  If we continue to have faith in the universe that we are, where we are “Meant to be”, then we can be very much aware of when things start to change.  When we practice Resistance to the messages coming in from the universe, we are not having faith in the universe, and the messages will become more intense, more direct, and swifter.  Usually we have a lot of small indicators that things need to change, and we will work to change ourselves.  We will have conversations with our partner about how things need to change.  But, each of us is moving along at our own pace, spiritually, and sometimes change isn’t going to be possible.  I challenge you to look at yourself and see if you can find peace in the relationship, and piece with yourself, before throwing in the towel.  Try to take an observers point of view, and ask, What is this teaching me about myself (My boundaries, my own healing that needs to be done) and see what you can do to make those changes, strengthening yourself and improving how the relationship is working.

Ultimately, the worst feeling that comes along, once you’ve done everything you can, will be feelings of apathy.  Have some faith that the universe is indicating it’s time for change.  We can grow out of people we care deeply about.  We grow out of jobs we once loved. We continue to love, but these people and jobs may not be meant for the next part of our journey.

We encourage you to look at your life, and through gratitude show that you have faith that you are exactly where you are meant to be at this very moment.  Not on a beach or a yacht somewhere, but here, right now, doing exactly what you are doing.  If change is meant to happen, you will be shown, you will feel/hear/see/know that it is time for that change.   “Thank you Universe for allowing me to be here, in this moment, in this place, in this time.  I trust and have faith that I am exactly where I’m meant to be. I have faith that you will show me, when it is time to make changes.”

Michelle L Eskdale
April 27, 2021®

Turning Negatives into Positives

Seems a lot of people are going thru things right now, these are trying times. When you feel like things are coming down hard on you, you need to laugh, find the lighter side, or even joke about the ‘bright side’.

I know that times are difficult for many, whether it be financial, missing friends and family, losing work, and it’s very hard sometimes to keep a smile on your face.  What I’ve learnt over time is that it is very important to feel out your emotions.  I’m saying, it’s okay to be sad, worried, mad, frustrated, lonely, and blue.  However, it’s not okay to stay stuck in that energy.  When you do, the Law of Attraction and the Universe, read your vibration and bring more of the same.  That’s how we sometimes feel like everything is coming in at once.  That’s where the Superstition about the “Rule of threes” came in.  I’m sure you’ve heard that bad things always come in threes… most of us anticipate the 2nd or the 3rd thing coming in… and what are we doing then?  We are vibrating to receive one or two more bad things.  Ironic, isn’t it that you would be calling in that vibration.

What I’ve learnt over time, is very much the same as choosing your thoughts, and deciding what kind of day you’re going to have.  It’s important to be looking for a blessing, a silver lining, how to make lemonades out of lemons.  It’s helpful to use your sense of humour here.  Being able to shift into gratitude, and see how this issue in front of you could assist you, is definitely a healthy way to cope.

For example, say you have unfortunately lost your job or work during this time.  If you think about it, ultimately, you may not have even enjoyed your job anymore.  You were just doing it to earn a pay cheque.  In that case, the universe has freed you up for something better, don’t you think?

In a situation where a relationship ended, was it possibly a poor fit for you?  Did you find yourself over accommodating?  Did you see issues within the relationship that were not being resolved?  Are you not now being freed up for a better relationship?

I know that at times, people have considered me annoyingly optimistic.  I get that, because I work to always figure out what the universe has in store, to replace whatever was being taken away.  As we release things, we have made room for new and better things to come in.  It is essential to look at it in this way, as this is the gift of manifesting something even better.

I challenge you to look for the gold in what you are receiving from the universe.  Resist the urge to feel that things are coming down hard on you, and see how the Universe may have been working FOR you rather than AGAINST you.  This takes practice, but I love how a little humour and gratitude can be helpful.

Sending you many blessings during these unusual times, connect with me if you’d like some help seeing things from a different perspective.  I’m in gratitude for the opportunity to support you.

Michelle L Eskdale
February 1, 2021®

Your Inner Child & The Holiday Season

No matter your belief systems, and what you celebrate, this time of year really calls for magic.  Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas, and many other celebrations come in December, and it’s really a time for love, lighting up the dark winter, and sharing.  With the challenges this year, it looks so much different, so I wanted to talk to you about your Inner Child, and the Magic of the Season.

So many of us are saddened by not being able to gather at this time. We need to keep our loved ones, and each other safe.  No matter your belief system around the pandemic, I trust you are making safer plans this year, and thus a little of the magic of the season has dimmed.

I wanted to remind you of the things that make this time of year so special.  The spirit of giving, sharing, and spending time with loved ones doesn’t have to be completely off the agenda.  We have a lot of ways, just as in business, that we can pivot now, and create a unique, special memory of the season.

Our Inner Child loves the magic, the lights, the sounds, the excitement, the anticipation.  This can lead us to lose some of our adult senses, especially around spending, or yearning to be with other people.

I challenge you to be especially loving to your Inner Child…go for a walk around the neighborhood and see the lights.  Listen to carols whenever you feel the desire.  Instead of gift bags, lovingly wrap parcels and take the time to put that little extra effort in…the energy you put into the gift and wrapping will be felt by those who receive.

Make a fun plan, do something different.  Tell your Inner Child that the magic has not gone away, the season is still special, and if possible, spoil him/her.

A great many of us will likely feel a greater than normal sense of loneliness this year, so reach out to friends and extended family for a phone or zoom visit.  Remind each other that you’re still there, if only virtual hugs are possible.

My Inner Child loves the shopping…we need to be careful not to use retail therapy as a numbing agent.  So, we’re already stopping the shopping…unless, of course, we Need something *LOL*

Shiny things, setting up the tree or Yule Altar, baking, cooking, planning, all can be done this year.  All the wonderful things that remind us of hearth and home.

Some of my best memories of the season were about travelling to family, we rarely did Christmas Morning at home, unless the weather or costs limited us from travelling.   However, the Christmas at home memories are so very special.

I can remember feeling the weight of my stocking on the end of my bed, where Santa carefully positioned it, to give me something to open before the rest of the family woke.  Then, there was hot chocolate and toast, once the family started to stir, and my Dad was usually the one in charge.  We’d gather in the living room, and the presents would be handed out.  We’d each wait, holding our breath, as presents were opened.  When we got a little older and got in on the gift giving, I remember the excitement of watching something being opened that I’d so carefully chosen to light someone up.  And the gifts that were so carefully chosen for me.  I remember the year my Mom had been secretly sewing, creating little blankets for our dolls beds, little pillows, and monogrammed them for us.  Such a sweet memory.   The smells of the turkey in the oven, the huge glass bowl of mandarin oranges, the nuts and nutcracker.  Such a lovely day, even when we were just our nuclear family.  Playing the games, or with the toys that were bought.  My father always picked out the loveliest clothing for my mom, so of course, she’d model with a sparkle in her eye.   The love in our family is truly the wonderful gift that we received when we’d spend time in our home.

Now that I’m a mother myself, my Christmas morning is about watching everyone open up those special items that I’d found for them.  I’m looking forward to that, even just with the three of us this year.  We’ll zoom with my parents and my sister, and I’m sure it will be a memorable time as well.

What I’m really asking you to do this month, is to remember the reasons you love the season.  Remember the times when plans to travel or gather didn’t work out, and how very special those times were, even though they were tinged with disappointment.  Remember how happy you used to be with the simple things.  The Christmas Specials, listening to the choirs, White Christmas on the radio, whatever those little things are.  We need to stop stressing about the season, and enjoying it, with grace and ease.  Welcome new traditions, buy a funny 2020 ornament for the tree, and know that if you have your connections, even virtual, all will be wonderful.

From my family to yours, blessings of the season!

Michelle L Eskdale
November 30, 2020®

Bringing In Your Harvest

As mammals, we know that the fall brings in the opportunity to harvest and squirrel away, to prepare for a cold winter.  Farmer’s Almanac is saying beginning December, we’ll be in a bit of a deep freeze, and we need to be prepared to hunker down, and take care of ourselves, indoors.

With the whole pandemic, we are already learning to make less frequent trips out, stock up on necessities, and to make our lives more convenient as well as safe.  I’m not opening up a debate on the validity of the pandemic, I just wanted to mention, that you’re already in a harvesting mode.

Many of us are feeling the change in vibration with the fall weather, and return to school.  What does this mean for us?  If you’re past school age, you may still feel the vibration to get back to ‘school’.  It’s time to capitalize on this for your home, your business, and your spiritual growth.

The shutdown in March caused many of us to have to shelter in place.  We have a tendency to do a lot more internal, spiritual work, when our daily distractions are removed from us.  So many of us have had personal shifts, and some may be thinking of pursuing a whole new life path.  What a great time, to rework your life, and go after something your heart longs to do.

When we talk about Life Purpose, we usually have something that is common to our types of work.  For example, Customer Service people are often Healers in disguise.  Of course medical and psychological workers are healers.  So you may be finding that your job doesn’t fulfill you as it once did, and be thinking about re-training to become something more aligned with causing change, or initiating change in others.  When we do readings together, I am often drawn to take a look at your purpose and give you clarity on why you choose the work you choose to do, as well as possibilities for future career shifts.

Take this time, now, to evaluate how you feel about the choices in your life.  As we’ve been through this challenging time, many of us have had our friend circles strengthen, or fall away.  Either is a gift.  If you’d been aligned with people that lift you, support you, good!  If you haven’t, then we are making way for new supportive people in your life.

If your harvest is around your money picture, it couldn’t be a better time to focus on how you’ll bring in more to squirrel away.  Manifesting an increase is optimistic work that must be done with a vibration clear of old belief patterns, and limiting self-talk.  When we align with a number, that we need to properly support ourselves and our lifestyle, and bring only positive energy in around being able to obtain it, we’re halfway there.  The second piece comes from being in gratitude for what already is, and more that is always coming.  This has to be a constant positive focus for 30+ days to create change in your universe.  So, if you need $4000 monthly to come in and support you, yet you’re bringing in 3500, then we need to focus on, in gratitude, the 4500 that is always coming for you, by expected and unexpected ways.  Expect to see that money flowing through your account. Expect to see your savings accounts growing as you tuck away a little here and there.  Work with daydreaming to see the numbers in your accounts go up, and embody the feeling of pride, contentment, being grounded, that comes from knowing you have enough.  This is so good for your root chakra, and will bring in what you need.  Talk to me if you would like to work with the Manifesting for Me! Classwork, and we’ll get you on your way.

If you have been working on yourself and New Love to come in, then this is a prime time, as well.  Focus on the vibration of that new, lovely soul, coming into your life and matching your vibration.  Keep bringing your vibration up, using affirmations, feelings of deserving, setting expectations that they will honour you, and be worthy of you.  Then we need to be open to the experience.

This last 7 months has been all about our internal growth, and spiritual shifts.  Things that used to be ‘fine’ are now, no longer fine, and we need to make healthy changes.  Take advantage of all the thinking and feeling, and make those shifts now.

Michelle L Eskdale
September 16, 2020®

Clear Intentions Manifest Clear Results

If you’re like me, you’d like to make a few changes to things going on or coming into your life.  When we talk about manifesting something, we’re basically talking about bringing in what you need or desire that will improve your life, or so you believe at that time.

You can manifest helpful people, relationships, money, jobs, opportunities for growth, new friends, and sometimes wonder why you’re not getting everything you think you asked for.

The answer is muddled intentions.  When we have a thought that we focus on, sending to the universe, to manifest say, a romantic relationship, we think we’re being pretty clear about what we want.

The challenge is, partially, that we’re manifesting what we don’t want at the same time, if that’s part of our thinking process.  Here’s an example of what I mean.  I’m going to remain gender neutral by using the word “loves”

“Universe, I’d like a love with green eyes, to come and sweep me off my feet.  No more blue eyed loves, they’re not treating me right. “

To the universe, too much, too specific!  With negative to work with, the universe doesn’t understand negatives and positives…so just assuming everything you wanted…you’ll receive:

Green and Blue eyed loves that don’t treat you right…

“Universe, I’d like a new relationship with a love that worships only me”

You’ll potentially end up with a less strong partner that is like an annoying puppy.

“Universe, I’m tired of being alone, please send me someone to take care of me”

You may attract an overbearing person who tries to control you, and reminds you of your parent.

“Universe, I’m a strong independent woman/man, and I need someone to love me the way I deserve”

You’ll get what you vibrate like…if your level of deserving is lower than it should be, you’ll continue to bring in people that remind you of that – and keep you from reaching greater heights.

Now, if you want to shift this up, keep it super simple.  Do NOT use negative words. Do NOT tell the universe what you DON’T want, only what you DO want.

Dear Universe:

Please help me connect to a Love that is ambitious, healthy, knows their own mind and heart, and is actively working on healing.

Help me connect to someone that has great stability in their life and is affectionate and caring.

Help me to connect with someone who has healthy boundaries and empathy.

And Universe, please put this person right in front of me, so I know them right away.

In Gratitude.

Use this method to attract abundance, helpful people & opportunities, as well as health into your life.  Be in Gratitude for what is already going well, and more that is always coming.  Spend a little time daily in a daydream, imagining what your new situation will look like.  As you raise your heart, you raise your vibration.

Remember that the Universe only knows vibration.  The best way to get into the vibration you wish to attract is to live it daily.  Watch your thoughts and feelings about old hurts, old relationships where things didn’t go right.  Be in gratitude for the lessons you were taught in every relationship.  Once you know what the lesson is, work to become better and grow from it.  This will change up your vibration, and help you attract more of what you DO want, and less of what you DON’T want.

Michelle L Eskdale
August 17, 2020®

Sending Energy Hugs!

The biggest issue for many of us right now, is missing that physical contact with friends and loved ones.  I have really noticed since returning to the store, that seeing someone I’ve missed makes my heart rise, and the energy in my heart space expands!  Such a rush, even if we don’t know someone super well, seeing someone we have had a connection with, creates this beautiful feeling in the body.

I had really noticed this for the first time when I went to my 30th High School Reunion.  Although I had reconnected with a few people on Facebook, I didn’t really recognize some people at first.  Then, their EYES!  And I felt my heart surge, over and over, as I recognized their souls.  It was an amazing feeling.  It’s so joyful, and really prompts connection.

So back to the now, seeing people I know, have met, have communicated with, have read, my heart now easily surges in appreciation of them being in front of me.  This is super difficult for someone who likes to hug.  I’m sure many of you have had this issue over the last little while, so I’ll talk about sending a HUG without touching, and you can give it a try.

When you are thinking of someone you miss, or seeing someone you cannot physically hug, due to Health Recommendations, your heart will surge, building up beautiful energy, to give to that person.  You can call it love, or appreciation, but I believe it really is a feeling of love.  The feeling can make your heart feel like its bursting out of your chest.  So, even if you cannot touch the other person, you can send this wave of love/appreciation to the other person.  If they are open to receive, they will feel your energy.

It’s not magic.  The energy from our hearts is actually measurable, up to 2KM away.  I believe there are no limits to distance, and that when you are talking to someone long distance, you can send that love as far away is you want. Don’t let science slow you down!

This is a wonderful thing to practice giving and receiving.  Many of us have trouble with the receiving part, we’ve closed ourselves off, due to ideas that others deserve more, or that we need to be humble.  Please challenge those issues and be open to receive energy from others, if it is loving and kind.

Who else remembers the Care Bears cartoon and stuffed animals?  Remember how they sent that energy from their chests/bellies to make that rainbow of “GOOD” to be sent to whatever they were up against?  We do this all the time!!  Can you believe that?  When we’re in a sour or negative mood, our energy comes off us in a similar way.  That’s why we talk about using crystals and stones to protect ourselves from others negative energy. (Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Onyx, Jet, Smoky Quartz or Hematite all good options) We need to block the negative from coming to us, even if there was no negative intent on the other person’s part.  People honestly do not know that they send or radiate negative energy when they are not in a loving frame of mind.  So as empathic people, we need to protect our energy from that negative energy.  Listening to someone complain causes fatigue in empathic people, as the negative energy comes from the negative words, and the persons heart space.  I honestly believe that 99 percent of the time, people have no idea that they are shedding or sending this negative energy to other people.  Although some do know what they’re doing, that’s another subject all together.

Let’s get back to being open to receive.  When someone speaks kindly to you, do you deflect the compliment?  Do you automatically send back a comment of appreciation?

IE, “Your hair looks nice today” and you respond “So does yours” = Automatic Reply
Or “Your hair looks nice today” and you respond “really? I didn’t do a thing with it” = Deflect

Notice if you are doing this, and know that you are not RECEIVING that compliment, that kindness, into your own heart space.  What you need to practice is to just say “Thank-You” and take that nice feeling into your heart space.

So back to the concept of hugging without touching.  When we see someone we want to hug and cannot, please practice sending that beautiful energy to the other person.  Just takes a second to have a though about I wish I could hug – and I’ll send the energy instead.  If the person is receptive, they will feel your genuine caring energy.  If you are receptive, you’ll likely feel it right back.

Sending you all beautiful energy hugs during this time of Social Distancing.  Know that through this article, through my newsletter, I think and send loving energy to you all, to help with whatever challenges you are facing at this time.

Michelle L Eskdale
Copyright 2020

Re-Evaluating Past Choices

During this time of self-isolation and quarantine, you may be finding that you are looking at things from a much different perspective.  You may be in a state of financial deficiency, lack of work, or far too many things to juggle based on children’s needs and working from your home.  With all the new needs the last three months have brought, you may be finding yourself looking at things from a much different perspective.

There are so many things that go into the choices you have made in the past for yourself, and your family unit.  Financial, comfort, proximity, retail therapy, convenience can all play a factor in the choices you have made in the past.  When we are called to re-evaluate our choices, it’s usually due to a need to make change.  In this circumstance, financial is usually the biggest factor, and it can be unnerving to see where all your money goes, when you don’t have as much coming in.  Some of you may find, that without your social life and usual habits, you actually have more money, which is a wonderful thing.  Or, that you are better able to watch your money come and go, and actually can be implementing a budget going forward.

The re-evaluation process is also important in our relationship styles.  We have to look at how we’ve been dealing with those things we were putting off, or sweeping under the rug.  Behaviors of others, behavior of ourselves can shed light on changes we’d like to see, as it’s much tougher to tolerate certain things in close quarters.  You may be called to speak up, to use that Solar Plexus Chakra (Self Worth and confidence) and that Throat Chakra, to speak your truth.  It is important that you ask the Angels to help you to do this, with grace and ease, and have it be well received, so that you can actually work through the issues you may be having in relationships.

Another thing that may be coming up for you in this period of time, is your home.  Renovations or repairs long put off, will now be a glaring need.  If you are not financially able to make these changes, do the little things on the list that cost little or no money.  You may also be doing a major purge of things from your life.  This is fantastic, to remove those things you no longer need.  Based on Feng Shui principals of energy, removing clutter makes room for good things to flow in, creates available space for new energy.  This can mean that financial, relationships, or other forms of abundance can now come to you!

You may be like me, where I re-evaluated my spending in regards to housing costs, and realized that I never wanted to feel that I was overspending again on housing.  I asked my Angels to specifically bring me something in a certain price range, with a specific list of NEEDS, and a couple NICE TO HAVE.  In that regard, I followed my Angel’s guidance and very rapidly found a new place to live and moved within 25 days.  The synchronicity was too much to ignore.  I’d even bought a furnace filter on clearance, and lo and behold, it fit my new furnace!  It’s in a neighborhood with two of my closest friends, and is saving me a substantial amount monthly.  So, even though it’s physically smaller that the location I was in, it brought so many positives.

We are called to make change, it’s an itch in itself.  In my Live Readings this week, the Card “Embrace Change” came up, to speak to the idea that all change is actually FOR you, rather than happening TO you.  It’s a positive Law of Attraction piece to put things into the fresh perspective of what you truly what to have happening in your life, and knowing that the Universe and the Angels have your back.  All Change should be embraced, even if we don’t feel very happy about it at the time.  Trust that you’re being moved in a direction where you will see many benefits, and eventual happiness as a result of the change.  Often we are very stubborn in our thinking, and want to stay in a specific job, relationship, or home, and we’ll push against the signs to keep things the same.  Sometimes the signs are too difficult to ignore, and we must allow change to happen.

With all the things happening right now, even though we’re socially limited, I wanted to remind you that you grow, and therefore you grow out of many of the things that were perfect for you in the past.  Give yourself the time, the thought or daydream, of how things are meant to become, and allow the flow, embrace changes that are improvements for you, release the past, let go of the previous perfect situations, and you’ll be much happier.

Copyright Michelle L Eskdale June 2020

What Is This Really All About?

In February, I was riding high, happy, motivated and booked up with all sorts of great events and opportunities!  I was very excited about this year, and all the wonderful people I am meeting, and the awesome things we were creating together!

So, fast forward about 5 weeks, and here we are, in the midst of a Pandemic!  I know a lot of you are having new and different feelings, and I know that things have totally turned upside down for many of you.  Here, too, we are doing things a lot differently.  I’ve been in Isolation since March 14th, myself, as that day, the Witches’ Brew Market had to be cancelled, as it could bring in up to 250 people, and that was the limit as of that weekend by Provincial Health Professionals.

In the meantime, the non-essential stores have all been closed, we’ve all been encouraged to limit any time outside of the house and we’re watching as the world battles this Pandemic.  I have to say, I’m having a lot of new feelings myself, and I wanted to reach out to check on YOU!

I read a really amazing article the other day about our mammalian brain and how it behaves when we are put into a new situation.  We all know about Fight or Flight, the body responds in stress, and either battles the opponent, or runs away.  This makes good sense to us.  What we don’t talk about is FREEZE!

Freeze is the “Doe in the headlights” or the rabbit suddenly stopping to make itself blend into its environment, so it is not seen.  This Freeze is what’s happening to you while everyone else is organizing their closet and planting seeds for spring.  When we are in a stressful time, we have a tendency to usually act in response to what’s happening.  The challenge is, we are not being chased by a bear, and therefore, we really don’t know how to react!

I’m here to tell you, that whatever it is you are doing, you are doing the right thing.  If you are following guidelines, if you are staying home, if you are being cautious, or if you are taking care to be sanitary as an essential worker, you are doing the right thing!

If you are sitting on your couch, binging Netflix.  If you are balancing home schooling children, and trying to keep your sanity, you are doing the right thing.  If you are motivated and creating art, organizing, or getting to your writing, that’s the right thing.  So many of us feel that we should be doing something else.  We are faced by levels of procrastination and a lack of motivation we have never before experienced.  We’re going with highs, lows, and even lowers…  Some treasure their alone time, when there is a choice to be alone, but left to 7×24, this can get a little out of hand.

What are we really supposed to be doing at this time?  We are supposed to feel.  Feel everything, feel it all, make sense of it.  Sing, cry, yell, sleep, whatever it is your body and heart want you to do.  Take care of yourself, and nurture.  Eat when you need to, sleep when you need to, and unplug as necessary. It is a time for self-inventory, and really getting to know and understand yourself.

The Angels have advised that we’ll turn a corner in June, the sun will come out, and improvements will happen to our situation.  We are asked in the meantime, to work on being alone, without being lonely.  Get used to your own company.  Enjoy your company – do whatever your little heart desires.

When we feel a constant need to be busy, to be surrounded by other people, we are not paying attention to ourselves, to our hearts.  We are not taking time to properly move through our emotional experiences, instead setting them aside for a better time to deal with it.  Well, it’s now.

I challenge you to allow yourself to feel, to think, to ponder, to delve much deeper into yourself and what makes you tick.  Heal old wounds, forgive both yourself and them, and grow your self-love during this period of self-isolation.  When you feel a bit better, walk or exercise, eat even better, and sleep as much as you need to.  Treat yourself as if you are going through a trauma, because in a way, you are.

Freeze makes us feel guilty – especially if we have super friends who seem to get a lot done during this period.  They have their moments too, maybe just not sharing with you.

Please don’t feel guilty about any of your feelings.  They are all valid. There are no Right or Wrong feelings.  They’re all just feelings, and they need to be processed and released.  Release through journaling, through talking to your pets, through writing letters to be burnt.  The most important thing to be doing right now is feeling, and letting it go!

Angels are watching over you, Spirit/God/Creator is watching over you.  Remember to ask for what you need, and be aware of the clarity of your dreams, or the answers you receive.  In this period of quiet, you can finally really hear what you truly want and need in your life.

Copyright Michelle L Eskdale April 2020

Criticism’s Effect on Our Bodies & Minds

It really amazes me, the more I learn about how the body manages energy that we hold in it.  If you realize that every emotion, thought and feeling that is not expressed outwardly, can stay within the body.  In its bones, muscles, joints, organs, the energy is bouncing around and causing potential illness.  I am finding through my own healing journey that many things that I didn’t realize were an issue, have now become a physical issue.  I intend to clarify that as much as possible, so that you can start reversing the effects of energy on your body, even one step at a time.

The current vibe lately is around criticism.  Criticizing ourselves internally, as well as the criticism we receive from others.  Even ‘Constructive Criticism’ can have a damaging effect on us, if we internalize it, and create a personal truth around it.  To be critical of others, is to be in judgment, when you expect them to live up to your own ethics, morals, or idiosyncrasies.

I’ve been pondering this in relations to our Karmic Lessons.  Clearly, we understand that often people trigger us because they are showing us something we don’t like in ourselves.  We’ve often asked for these lessons, and many people are just providing something that our soul has asked to learn.  From an observer standpoint, this is a good thing, no matter the lesson.  When you learn it, you are free, and this particular lesson shouldn’t come up for you anymore.  And I’m waiting for that day! (LOL)

When you haven’t learnt your lesson from the original person (Soul) you asked to teach you, karma has a lovely way of providing you more opportunities.  For example, if you were to learn something about yourself and grow, and your parent showed you this, you may not contest the experience, as you love and respect your parent.  However, when you don’t learn it at home, you’ll be experiencing it elsewhere.  We often don’t realize that our parents were our choice, and that they are all actors playing a part for us to learn as a soul, and grow.  We, too, are intended to teach them lessons.

As we move onto our relationships outside the family unit, we will attract partners, bosses, friends (or enemies) that will also teach us this lesson.  When we don’t learn, we’ll continue to attract that lesson in to us.

The reason this is coming up is that I’ve been facing criticism myself lately.  I’ve been finding that as someone who works with a healer, I do my best to be honest, humble, and admit if I’m wrong.  I strive to do my best, and asked the universe to surround me with people that appreciate me as I am.  Therefore, it had to come from outside my friend circle to teach me what I still have left unlearned.

The universe has a way of saying “Are you getting it yet?”  And we can play the victim of our situations, or we can move to observer mode and say, “What am I being asked to learn here?”

The issue with Criticism is that we already have a lot of work to do on our internal dialogue.  We are already tough on ourselves, unkind, not gentle, and often not loving to self.  When we are triggered by outside criticism, we’ll often see it as a truth we need to find, and we can experience depression and unkind self-thought.  Why on earth we see someone outside ourselves as someone who can determine who and what we are?  Why should someone outside yourself determine your value and personal worth?  I believe we are constructed and trained in such a way, to strive to do our best, and expect to never achieve it.

So it comes down to what does this external and internal dialogue do to our bodies?  It bounces around and creates dis-ease.  Louise Hay wrote in her book “You Can Heal Your Life” that the energy of Criticism becomes arthritis.  I find her books are a valuable reference for my own healing journey.  I recommend you would use it as insight into why you are experiencing health issues, and learn from it.

“(Osteo) Arthritis: Feeling unloved. Criticism, resentment. –
Rheumatoid Arthritis: Feeling victimized. Lack of love. Chronic bitterness. Resentment. Deep criticism of authority. Feeling very put upon.”

Louise Hay also suggests that through daily affirmations, said with love and trust that they will be effective, we can reverse the effects of these energy issues.

Her Affirmation for Criticism is:

“I am Love.  I now choose to love and approve of myself.  I see others in love.” (1)

It’s also important to remember that it’s not up to others to change.  When we change ourselves, others will either meet our vibration, or they will move away.  This is a good and healthy thing.

What is most important here, is to discontinue critical measurement of yourself.  Allow yourself to make mistakes, be kind as you are growing and learning.  The measuring stick is purely from within ourselves, created through our belief systems and how we view the world.  It does not need to be negative, unkind and unloving.

Learning to love yourself, and in turn love others is pretty tough work.  We all need to take time to assess how we treat ourselves.  If we mistreat ourselves, we give off the vibration that we can be mistreated by others.  If we love and value ourselves, we hold ourselves in healthy esteem and will attract people who love and value us.  You are your own judge of your personal worth and value.  No one else can decide that for you.  Plenty of people in your history and in your current may try, but it’s up to you what you are attracting.

I value that the lesson of personal worth and criticism came to my awareness this month.  It’s a very important lesson, and I’ll be attending to it over the next months.

Copyright 2020 Michelle Louise Eskdale Gruendel

  • You can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay, Copyright 1984, 1987, 2004 by Louise L. Hay

January Blues 2020

So it’s that time of the year again, when we have a financial hangover from the excitement and the collective consciousness of spending to make things perfect for the holiday season. They actually have a name for the first Monday after the 15th of January, and call it Blue Monday, as many of us are receiving our credit card bills, or looking at our lack of savings and feeling a little stressed out.

So stress from financial is really a matter of the eye of the beholder. We need to remember that money is only energy, and that with the law of attraction, we can resolve and bring in what we need to become financially comfortable again. I recognize that many people have issues with financial belief systems, handed down over generations, to pinch pennies, to save for a rainy day, or be in a constant state of worry about their financial situation. When we focus on worry about money, our language around money tells the universe how we see our reality, and it brings it into our current picture.

For example, if you’re prone to say, “living paycheque to paycheque” or “barely getting by”, “I’m always broke”, the universe matches that vibration, and you’ll stay stuck where you are. Quite honestly, we all do it, but we need to become better stewards of our money energy.
Money is ONLY ENERGY. If the way we perceive it is in fear or lack, and therefore, we stay in fear or lack. If we work with gratitude for what we already have, hope for the future, as well as good common sense around money, we can really turn things around.

I do speak from experience. I saw what fear around money did to my financial situation. In addition, with that fear in place, we may find ourselves doing a little ‘retail therapy’, to keep the discomfort in our bodies to a minimum. Then we create a deeper financial hole. In 2011, I was in a terrible state. I owed around 60K in credit, was trying to support a family of 5 on one income, and not receiving agreed to child support. I was in such a state that I had to make some serious choices. First, and foremost, was asking for help. I connected with a credit counselling group, and made some changes to my financial situation. Secondly, I started working with the Law of Attraction, and Manifesting, on a daily basis.

I found the 40 Day Prosperity Plan by John Randolph Price to be very helpful, listened to it nightly as I fell asleep. It’s part of his Abundance Book, should you wish to get a copy. In addition, I started doing coursework around money, and understanding the vibration of money, and how to attract it to myself. Another amazing mentor in my money world is Jaden Sterling, and his book “The Alchemy of True Success”

I had to do some very concrete things, but what kept me out of future issues was all the work I did around manifesting and vibration. I do teach a course called “Manifesting for Me”, if you’d be interested in gaining some of these tips.

Now, on a daily basis, I recognize that my attitude is EVERYTHING in regards to my money solutions. I spend time every morning in gratitude for what I have, and more that is always coming. When a big bill comes my way, I thank the universe in advance for the funds to arrive in a timely manner to cover it. I now work as an entrepreneur full time, supporting two teens as a single parent, and life has never been better. It takes a commitment, rewriting some of the belief patterns that I gained through heredity, learning to never say anything negative about my financial picture, and to have faith, hope, optimism and certainty that whatever I need to come into my life, it will arrive.

I challenge you to look at your financial picture with LOVE, POSITIVITY, OPTIMISM, and a good healthy vibration. I know that Money wants to be with you, and in 2020 – 2’s are about partnership, make yourself a partner with your Money Energy.

Michelle Eskdale Gruendel

Copyright 2020 January

Being at Cause – Karma Delivery

For those of you who know me, I usually keep my ‘stuff’ to myself, unless it benefits you to know what’s happening in my world.  At this time of the year, we have to spend a lot of time with people who bring up our ‘stuff’.  In that regard, I thought I would be a great time to let you know how I believe things work between souls who have agreements. And I hope this is my gift to you, for a wonderful, less stressful Holiday Season.

When we come into this lifetime, we have already made agreements with a number of the people we will love, work with, give birth to, or be born to.  In the pre-birth time, our Souls see these people as instrumental in helping our soul learn lessons, and it all looks like a fabulous plan.  We are engaging souls that we’ve often had many reincarnations with, and with whom, we know we’ll be triggered to learn and grow.  So from this pre-birth time, it all looks like a great lifetime, with lots of learning planned.

Now, you’ve been born to the people YOU Chose to be your parents.  You have to learn from them, and they’re to learn from you as well.  You have Karma, or agreements to fulfill.  With the fact that we are often raised by parents who have some dysfunction, as well as them being raised by the same, we’re going to be dealing with a lot more than just that basic soul karmic agreement.  Learning to work with someone for mutual benefit is a challenge, even more so if they’ve had trauma, or are stuck in generational belief systems.

When you think about the dynamic of your own family, you know that there are certain things you just cannot share, or you may think you would not be supported.  This often creates a rift between us and our family, as we don’t trust that they are open minded enough to understand us.  This also means, you may not learn your lessons from your family, as we generally do not expect family to change.  Please don’t let yourself believe that you cannot learn from them, or teach them, you’ll have to be quite observant to figure things out, and then go in from an angle of no expectations.

We often have a tendency to create extremely co-dependent relationships with our family, and the families we ourselves are creating.   Whomever you marry and have kids with, you have a soul agreement with.  Your children chose you to help them with their karma, and to also teach you lessons your soul is hoping to resolve.  We have a tendency to over-nurture, avoid conflict, and try to make things generally too easy for our partner, and our children.  In doing so, we are avoiding some valuable lessons that our soul wishes to learn.

When I’m talking about lessons, I’m talking about learning how to set and instill healthy boundaries.  Allowing people to be accountable for their actions, and receive their lessons as directly as the universe intends them.  We have a natural instinct to soften the blow for any lessons we are delivering, and hoping that they take the hint.  Sadly, they will not.  You have to stand up for what you feel is right, and stop taking responsibility for other people’s actions.  You must allow them to go to the “School of hard knocks”, if that is what’s happening.  For parents who have children with money issues, did you not have to live on KD and peanut butter yourself?  We are making things too easy.  We are too compassionate, too understanding, and often too afraid of conflict to really help these people with their life lessons.

I’m personally guilty of this, so I wanted to share with you, that the longer you do this, the worse it will feel when you’ve finally had enough.  If you hold yourself accountable, and have to go through all your own tough lessons, preventing others from their lessons, is actually not a fair thing at all.

Say you have a procrastinator / avoider on your hands.  A partner or a young adult, or even a friend.  Every time you let them off the hook, they are being shown that it’s not that important that they complete things or follow through.  If your ethics won’t allow you to let a deadline pass, then why are you not ensuring that they also hold that standard?  Because you fear conflict, you worry they won’t like you, they’ll get mad, they’ll stop talking to you, whatever the reason.  I completely understand.  But do you realize the personal sacrifice that you make when you don’t allow people to really be their best selves?  When you don’t hold them accountable, they don’t hold themselves accountable.  They can turn into victims of their own circumstances.  They cannot live their best lives, and worst of all, they are not growing as a soul and experiencing the life lessons that they personally set up for themselves.

In addition, if you are not teaching and learning from the people in your family unit, the universe is going to present you with other people who can and will trigger these things in you.  Those people will drive you crazy, and you’ll have to put down clear boundaries and may choose not to spend time with them at all.  In this case, I challenge you to look for common characteristics between these people and the family you have married into, or your own family.  What is the common lesson?

When we talk about looking for the lessons, we’re talking about moving yourself to an analytical, observer mode.  Remove the emotion from the situation, look at it from above.  Ideally, in this situation, what am I being shown about myself?  And what do I want to see change?  We cannot change someone else, but we can certainly prevent them from changing by allowing them to not be AT CAUSE.  To be at Cause is to take responsibility for our actions, for how we feel, to apologize or fix the problem.  To avoid being at Cause is about it being someone else’s fault that we are in a situation, or that we behave a certain way.  We have to take ownership of what we are doing to other people in our lives, when we are not, ourselves, being at Cause.

I challenge you to observe your relationships, especially during the holiday season.  We all have some learning to do, and my gift to you is that you have the power to make some very positive changes in your own world.  Blessings to you and your lovely families this time of year.

Michelle Eskdale Gruendel

Copyright 2019 December

Loving Your Ego

We all have little voices in our heads, you aren’t crazy!  When you hear the voices, start trying to define them and you are well on your way to differentiating between your Spirit Guides and Angels, and Ego.  Our Ego behaves like a disapproving parent, and often responds based on fear, or feelings of lack of control of a situation.  Ego is the one that says you look chubby in that dress, or that you shouldn’t try something for fear of failure or potential embarrassment.  When you hear your ego, try to remember that it is not always right.  You are much too hard on yourself and the measures it takes to keep you ‘safe’ are often contrary to what you really want to do.

When you are faced with a challenge, and Ego says “don’t do it” you have the ability to calm your mind, lovely say “Ego, please step aside while I sort this out”.  Ego will, with practice, step aside so you can have a calm, loving, and positive conversation with your Angels and Guides.  You have your own cheerleading squad conveniently located in your subconscious that will support you, using your own intuition and connect to your higher self.  When you have brilliant ideas, Ego can step in to tell you all the reasons the idea won’t work.  That is very demotivating, and truthfully, you are doing it to yourself.  So, stand in your personal power, pull the strength from your Solar Plexus Chakra, and instead ask the Angels and Guides to show you how it will work, how it can work, and how you can be successful.

At night, we all have what is often termed “Monkey Brain”, sorting out the day’s events, and making us anxious for the day to come.  This, again, is your Ego.  It believes it’s keeping you safe, making you worry, when all you really have to do is say, “Thank you Ego, please go away” and receive restful messages from the Angels and Guides that you are indeed in control, that good things are coming your way, and that you can solve any issue that has been set before you.  It does take practice, the Ego doesn’t come with an on/off switch, but trust me you can build one.

Ego also lets us take credit for those things we should be grateful for, and starting to identify when we are coming from Ego instead of coming from a place of grace is also good practice for learning to sort out our thoughts.  When someone says Job well done, and we automatically say something back like “it wasn’t a big deal, anyone could have done it”, we have now started to let our Ego define our self-worth.  If indeed it wasn’t a big deal, and anyone could have done it, then why did you?  Step into grace and thank people instead.  Resist the need to provide a compliment back as well, unless you earnestly mean it.  You have to learn to receive gratitude and thanks in a graceful way, or you are letting Ego take over.

Ego also has a hair trigger in regard to those things you feel would potentially hurt you.  It will cause rampant thoughts and work you into quite a frenzy over the littlest things.  We all have a rational mind, but usually don’t use it in regard to these little things, and then find ourselves worrying and stressed over things that really don’t deserve our attention.  Learning to identify where you personally fly off the handle, or move to emotion too quickly, can help you to better live in grace.  Taking things very personally is sign that your Ego is taking over too much.  Nothing happens to you, it happens around you, and how you deal with it, is very much your choice.  When someone pushes your buttons, take a moment to reflect why you are responding in the manner you are.  Are they reflecting something back to you that you and your Ego don’t admire about yourself?  Can you step back and realize that what they have said is coming from their reality and their perception, and really not about YOU at all?  Being able to step out of Ego is one of the most important things you need to learn in order to feel happy.
Remember when you were small, and your parent could make you feel even smaller by saying they were disappointed in you, that you weren’t living up to your potential?  Ego has a little recording studio and will often use your parents’ voices to remind you that you are not all you think you are.  But that doesn’t make it true.  That doesn’t make it valid.  You have to realize that as you have grown, every step you have taken is one toward being your better self, living your life’s purpose and doing the very best you can with what you have.  When you allow that self-talk come in and mess up what you are now doing, you are giving your Ego too much power.  Again, remind yourself that you can ask Ego to “go away” or “Step aside” with love.  You need to love your ego, for it is a part of you, and it can be very helpful at times.  You just don’t want it to take you over, and keep you from doing those things that take you to new heights, new experiences and new challenges.

Learning to Love your Ego is a long process.  The first step is identifying it and appreciating that it is an integral part of you.  It has helped to shape you thus far.  Love it even though it sometimes undermines your confidence, and step up and embrace the other voices in your head that give you love, healing and understanding.  You have everything already with you, to make you an even better person today, you don’t need someone outside you to define you, if you learn what you need all comes from within.  Love your Ego, it has a purpose, it has a place, and it loves you back!

Copyright © *2019* *MoonLightWorkers Michelle Eskdale Gruendel*, All rights reserved.

Challenge Accepted!

How we react to the challenges in our lives, has a lot to do with our mental health, optimism and personal health.  When a challenge comes your way, do you meet it head on?  Do you dwell in the shock and awe of the situation?  I wanted to take some time to relate to you a process I realized, when I had to deal with something out of the ordinary, that felt pretty devastating at the time.

A number of you may have seen the Facebook post last Wednesday, about the ‘Tech Gods’ challenging me.  I had been working to tidy up an email list to remove a number of unsubscribes, or bounces.  And unfortunately, I was not aware that they “Mark All” was indeed the entire database instead of just the 25 addresses I could see before me.  When I realized that the entire database was gone, I feel into immediate despair and depression.  Frustrated and panicked, I tried to work with tech support, but found out that the type of account I have did not have any sort of back up or tech support.

Now, when we go into something like this, it feels like the world is crashing around our ears.  I recognize that I needed time to process, and sit with what happened, in order to come up with solutions.  It’s not all love and light in my life, just as it isn’t in yours.  During processing, I ate what I wanted, and went to bed early, and nurtured myself.  I felt moved to tears a number of times, and overall, felt extremely depressed and tired.

The next morning, I found myself still in a state, as I hadn’t finished checking out all the angles with Tech Support.  I talked with work colleagues to help lighten up the drama of the situation, and was offered solutions, in case it wasn’t possible to restore the list.  Once I was fully sure that I’d totally blown it all up, I started figuring out what was next.

As you have all received a newsletter this month, you can see that I managed to find a solution, and felt so much better, taking it all back into my own hands.

What I wanted to talk about was the processing.  How do you handle such a challenge in your own life?  Do you give up?  Do you yell, cry, scream, dramatize it, and feel totally without solutions?  Do you feel a victim of your circumstances?   I generally try to put a good spin on things, but believe me, this was hard to spin into a positive situation.  I’m confident for many of you, there are bigger things happening, and me losing a database pales in comparison.  What we need to do is take time out, and let ourselves process, rather than panic.

To avoid panicking when life hands us a serious challenge, is a challenge in itself!  What I recommend is to unplug from life, and take your time to go through all the emotions this challenge is handing you.  Recognize all the feelings, and allow them to move through you.  Be angry, sad, depressed, frustrated, unhappy, whatever your heart feels at that moment, is perfectly alright.  When we suppress these feelings, they will come out in other ways, or keep you stuck within their power.  All emotions are good, none are bad, and all must be felt and processed, in order for you to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

I often talk to my Angel Team when I’m going through something like this.  I ask for guidance, and relax and wait for the solutions to flow to me.  I pray that solutions be shown to me, and wait for signs, signals, or just a general push toward a solution from the team. (Using all my Clairs)  I move away from panic, so that I can be aware of my thoughts and messages that start coming up for me.  I also find when I move away from panic, I can see things so much more clearly.  And realize this is not the end of the world.

I challenge you, to take a look at how you process what happens in your world.  Are you just powering through, instead of taking time to allow for all the feelings and the solutions?  Do you just “Chin up” and continue to bulldoze through your life?  When we speak of mental health, plugging away and not processing can lead to greater depression and anger issues.  When you can release these feelings, observe, feel, process, you are not keeping it within you to come out at a later date.  If you feel like crying, please cry.

Let me know, please, if you are moving through a challenge and feel stuck in your life.  If we work with your own Angel Team, we can assist you in moving forward and finding a way to cope and shift your perspective.  It is a blessing to be allowed to assist you in your own journey, please connect with me.

Michelle Eskdale Gruendel
Copyright 2019

Healing vs Suppression

Have I healed, or successfully suppressed?  This may be an interesting subject for those of you who are really good at coping with life’s stuff.  Even though we seem clear on the outside, there can be things so deeply suppressed within us that we think everything is all good.

Dealing recently with going to a sweat, a beautiful aboriginal / shamanic ceremony in which we look at our ‘stuff’ and release what no longer serves us, I came to a realization that I’m really good at deeply suppressing certain things.  I believe I have been able to do this since childhood.  I’m not sure where I learned this, as I was encouraged to grieve the passing of family members, I just always remember thinking I was weird, as I just seemed to move immediately to acceptance.

When you think of how people grieve loss in their life, some really get despondent, sad, crying, wailing, numbness, indifference to things that make them angry, bargaining, or sometimes angry at the unjust feelings of losing someone you love.  I felt none of these things.  A little sad, and empathetic for all my family members going through their grief.  I thought I was very strange, as I did not break down, I just cope and move forward.  Some may see this as resilient, I now believe this is instant suppression of grief.

We all travel through our lives needing to grieve so many things in our life.  No one seems to teach that you have to grieve the loss of a friend, loss of a job, loss of your home when you move, in addition to losing loved ones.  When you make any change in your life that takes something away, you need to grieve.  I seemed to be really good at limiting the amount of time spent in suffering, ‘the blues’, sadness, and then was smiling and ready to embrace what came next.

At the sweat, I realized that I was stuck in my cognitive mind during what should have been an intuitive and emotional time.  I was too aware of my body, of the heat, of the others expressing their emotion. I had to exit the sweat early, as the pressures of the physical were so overwhelming.   I felt like a mannequin, and was quite distressed with myself for not opening up and experiencing the emotional shifts that were being brought up for me.  I recognized afterward that this is a very deep, learned, possibly ancestral behavior I am exhibiting. I also realized that I may have run away from the very experience I should have embraced to have this healing commence.  I have always been taught to be strong, resilient, calm, logical, and yet I now see that this may be the very reason why I have these deep seated emotional experiences, yet waiting to be fully experienced and released.

Once I had come to this conclusion, I trusted that any of the healing that was done was in my highest good, and all I was ready for at that moment.  I also recognized the need to have healing done with my shamanic friend, and will tackle it as soon as possible.

Some of you may not recognize what happens when you do release work and healing.  Your whole body can react to an emotional release, in a very physical way.  Sometimes you have normal purging of energy through your regular bodily functions.  Sometimes you have pain surface in your muscles and joints, and likely you will feel very fatigued and unmotivated.  This is the body telling you to rest after having such a good release of emotion.  For the fact that I didn’t fully ‘deal’ with all the things that were coming up, I am still releasing and feeling fatigue from the work that got started.  I recognize that we are never as far along our healing journey as we might like to think.  There is no finish line, there is no wholly healed person walking among us.  We have to be honest with ourselves that we always have work to do, and be grateful when we’re shown what that is.  I am honored that my ancestors and my angels are along with me on this journey, to assist me to really heal, and feel more connected with my emotional body, and my own soul.

For you, I challenge you to look at those things you avoid doing.  Chances are this is an indication of something that is left to be healed.  Do you feel you behave differently about certain aspects of your life than others?  Do you think that there may be something you are suppressing; feelings, ideas, emotions?  I’d love to connect with you, and see if we can start you on this beautiful healing journey, one small thing at a time, so that you can continue with your daily life, and be healing every day.

August 1, 2019 Copyright Michelle Eskdale Gruendel

Guilt & Shame – Why do We Feel this way?

First it is important to understand the difference between feeling shame, and feeling guilty.  Either way, we are making a choice to feel the way we do, for reasons we may not yet understand.

Thanks to our belief systems, we often feel guilty, or may feel shame for our behaviors.  We take responsibility for how someone else is feeling, in relation to something we’ve done or said.  With a good moral upbringing, it is common to feel guilty, if you hurt someone physically or emotionally.  We often feel guilty about things that happened in the past, even if the other person has forgiven us, we sometimes don’t forgive ourselves.

I like this definition to understand the difference between guilt and shame:

guilt is linked to empathy and understanding other perspectives. …Shame is a focus on self, guilt is a focus on behavior. Shame is, “I am bad.” Guilt is, “I did something bad.”  [1]

When we are ashamed of ourselves, and our behavior, we often turn inward and feel very upset, disgusted, regretful, and our self-esteem is lowered.  We have to look at why we turn on ourselves when someone else responds to us, and immediately think that there is something wrong with us.

We feel guilty for things we know we’ve done wrong, if we’ve been raised right.  The ability to forgive yourself for making a mistake, is one to work on.

Funny thing, we grow up within a family unit, and we get used to the dynamic of the relationships.  Once on our own, we often forget that the lessons we’ve learned with family have an interesting way of coming up again, and feeling unsolved.  When we can work on our self-esteem and discourage our people pleasing behaviors, we can grow out of feelings of duty, responsibility, guilt and shame that can come when we’re not meeting others expectations.

Expectations are tough to meet.  Often, we can feel let down within ourselves, if we are not meeting our own expectations, or things have fallen through.  The benefit is, that with a healthy self-attitude, we can be kind and nurturing, and encourage ourselves to try again, or let it go.  When we feel we’ve failed the expectations of others, especially family, then we often regress to a very child-like self-esteem, where we may not feel good enough, smart enough, or capable enough.

It is discouraging for one who does a lot of introspection and self-work to feel like they’ve going back to square one, when a situation happens in the family dynamic, or with close personal friends who feel like family.

This has so much to do with self-acceptance, healthy self-esteem and boundaries.  You are responsible to and for yourself.  It’s supposed to be that easy.  When you make a choice, take responsibility for it, and its outcome.  If it benefits others = good, if it doesn’t = apologize.

Belief patterns we hold from our upbringing, including respect, compassion, caring, charity, hospitality, and kindness for those we love are important.  Sometimes, they can leave us vulnerable to the people who are trying to teach us lessons about ourselves.  Think about this from a soul level.  You agreed to come together with these people, and learn these lessons.  Souls don’t realize that this is not going to be a lot of fun, they’re focused on the experience and the learning.  It’s up to us to start seeing the lessons around us, how people we love affect us, how we affect them, and that is really why we have lessons.

Family in a position of authority may have the ability to say or do something, and you feel guilt.  They don’t make you feel guilty, shameful about your choices, behaviors or actions, you are choosing how you feel.   Often they have no idea they have caused these feelings, if you have given them any power over you at all.  What’s important is that you are working on Self Love, Self-Approval, you have to keep it up to get to the point of realizing that ultimately, it’s your self-respect that’s important. It’s your image of you, you want to live up to, what you deserve, you desire to be, on which you should be focused.  It’s also up to you to decide whether or not you give them authority over you.  Or shall you become your own authority?

This all comes down to matters of your Solar Plexus Chakra Energy.  We are born with a lot of self-worth, and self-preservation instinct.  We learn as we are growing up in early years, that we are special, smart, beautiful, fun, unique, whatever your favorite adjectives may be.  Once we reach the years where we have peers, and are looking to conform in school, sports, church, we lose sight of those beliefs. They are replaced with the negatives of not smart enough, not beautiful enough, not special.

We are all deserving, worthy, unique, special, beautiful, smart, and we need to remind ourselves.  In loving ways, we need to create boundaries that create extra self-love, self-nurture, and boost our feelings about ourselves.  We’re not talking about ego or entitlement here.  But realize what an amazing creature you are, that you are kind, good, smart, attractive, talented, and start saying these positive things to yourself.

The next time you feel guilty, or shameful about the choices you make, make sure you are looking within, that you are really determining if that behavior or choice was okay with you.  If it was, we need to let go of the shame and guilt.  If it wasn’t, then apologize.  LOL

Releasing belief systems that no longer serve you, and working through your own growth is an essential part to becoming an evolved soul.  Sometimes we need a little help to see what needs work, and I’d be honored to work with you through an Intuitive reading to help you get to the bottom of things.

Blessings, Michelle Eskdale Gruendel



I love words.  It’s fun to play with a word and see if you can combine a couple of things to create a new experience.  I have found since I recently moved, that I have been feeling rejuvenated.  As it is June, my brain said “re-JUNE-vinating”  so I wanted to send that out for a little chuckle on your end.

I’ve been going through a lot of personal healing, while loving and supporting my family, friends and my clients.  As a Healer, we do not like to share a lot about what’s been happening for us, as it can get in the way of the client experience.  Some of you know me better, as we’ve had a longer relationship.  The reason I’m bringing this up, is that I wanted everyone to know, I’m not perfect either.  And, I’m perfectly alright with that.

There is a misconception that to be working with Angels, and Love & Light, we may have it easy.  In addition, when you practice gratitude, optimism, manifesting, and generally are working to be a calming influence on others, you may appear to have no personal Storms of your own.

I know that most of you know that healers are humans, but sometimes it’s good for you to know, that our work keeps us engaged, happy, and sane.  Insert Laughter here.  We do have a darker side, just as every one of you.  We have Karma to work through. Experiences to learn from, and difficulties with the material aspects of our lives, just like everyone else.

If you’ve known me for a while, you know that I believe that practice is the key to making positive shifts in your life.  Practicing gratitude helps me to be automatically grateful, or to know that moving into feelings of gratitude will help to change a situation I am going through.  Knowing that fear keeps money away from us, when we have our regular challenges, like car repairs, medical expenses, we have to work just as  hard as anyone else to remove ourselves from logic and ego, and look to the universe for our assistance.

I’m so grateful that I pay attention to where my mind is wandering, when I feel stress about a situation.  Being Mindful is important. Being aware that the thoughts and feelings you have, are being sent out to the universe and being seen as your current vibration.  When things go bad, or stressful, focusing on the bad and stressful can beget more of the same.  We know this, yet, we spend a little time in our pity party, or stressing about situations that appear to be out of our control.

Nothing is out of your control, per se, but you have to be mindful, and realize that between faith and work, you can definitely make that shift to the point where you no longer are worried and stressed.

A good example is car repairs.  Being a good momma, I’d taken my boys for eye exams, and we needed to upgrade their glasses.  I was prepared for that, although the costs keep rising, so the bill felt a little steep.  I was grateful to have money in the account to manage to put down the deposit, so they could order the eyewear.  The very next day, my car was going in for routine maintenance.  However, they found a serious concern, and the bill quickly tripled from the regular quarterly maintenance I’m used to.  Thankful to have a little tucked in the savings account, and so grateful to have a good mechanic and a sound car, I happily paid the bill.  Then realized the sticker shock, and that it was only Tuesday.  And where would the money for groceries be coming from for this week?

Just like you, I had a moment or two of concern, dread, and fear.  Then I realized that I hadn’t “ASKED” for help from the universe and my angels.  I hadn’t sourced all avenues of income for myself to replace the money I’d spent so far.  When I calmed myself, thankful for a good mechanic and a safe car, my Angels piped up and reminded me of a couple of places I could gain reimbursement.  In addition, when I relaxed further, the universe opened up, and suddenly my texts and messages started flowing in with opportunities!  And quickly, all was right with the financial world for me again.

I feel so very blessed to be aware of how I get in my own way.  I’m pleased that I’m humble enough to know that I need help, and must ask.  I marvel at how quickly the universe gets behind me and helps me regain my footing in those moments when I feel the floor may have come out from under me.   My faith keeps me safe, my gratitude keeps me abundant, and my life keeps me happy.

Ask yourself, where can you make a gentle plan to pull yourself out of the negative stuff that happens around you?  What can you do differently, how can thinking differently make a big change to how the Universe perceives what you’ve asked for?  Please be aware this is a work in progress, you have to practice to continue to shift how life is coming in for you.


June 4, 2019 Michelle Eskdale Gruendel Copyright

The Path of Least Resistance

From a metaphysical point of view, we are learning that the path of least resistance is actually the path we follow in faith of our higher power.  Whether you name that higher power or not, is not a concern, per se, however, having faith is what makes it easiest to move through your life.

When we have a problem or a challenge in our midst, often times, we try to control the outcome, or the unfolding of a solution.  We can spend sleepless nights and anxiety driven days working to analyze, predict, and determine an outcome.  Or we can assume that as our creator has our best interest at heart, whatever unfolds is what is meant for us.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy task to start to “Let go and let God”, however, you will find that if you have a determined demeanor, and an intensity about how things are supposed to be, you’ll be encountering a lot of resistance along the way.

Resistance is an interesting thing.  It’s like the Universe is rebelling against your choices and decisions.  We can see this as roadblocks along our journey.  Doors that just won’t open no matter how hard you push.  Physical challenges that come up for us, broken teeth, or physical issues like hurting yourself.  The weird thing is that it’s tough to figure out why you keep stubbing your toe, seem to have a lot of accidents, or have issues in regards to your jaw and teeth.

When you think about the energy of it all, we resist by “Setting our Jaw”, and we will often clench our teeth.  When you are in a state of resistance, you are clenching, you are anxious, your chest is tight, and you are not allowing the flow that the universe is sending your way.  When you determine the only and best outcome of a situation for yourself, you limit the magic in how the universe works.  If you pre-decide on only one or two solutions, you do not keep yourself open to the potential.  The world works in mysterious ways.

Have you ever noticed someone in your life that appears to be flowing along, managing challenges, and change?  What do they do differently than you do?  You could say that they don’t have any worries, are lucky, or are not as challenged by Karma as you are.  However, in truth, they are manifesting the positive results that come from faith that things will come together FOR THEM.  They do not subscribe to the belief that things happen TO THEM.  Instead, they may look at all the potential outcomes, maybe looking forward to one or two, but then they TRUST that whatever is MEANT FOR THEM, will BE FOR THEM.

Ultimately, it is your attitude that is going to assist you in moving through change and challenges.  If you adopt an attitude that only the best is coming for you, and that whatever that might be will be in your HIGHEST GOOD, then, indeed, it will be.

If you continue to determine that life is out to get you, or that you have bad luck, or only negative solutions are possible, you will reap what you’ve sown.

I challenge you to Fake it ‘Til You Make It, and start adopting a better process.  Let Go!  Ask that whatever is in your Highest Good is the ultimate solution for every problem, every challenge, and every change.  Give it a little time, and you’ll start to see things turning around.

Trust me, Trust God / Creator / The Universe that things are always going to be working out in your Highest Good.

Quote from Abraham Hicks:
“Things are Always Working Out for me”

YOUTUBE Mantra available: 

“You are like a river. You go through life taking the path of least resistance. We all do—all human beings and all of nature. It is important to know that. You may try to change the direction of your own flow in certain areas of your life—your eating habits, the way you work, the way you relate to others, the way you treat yourself, the attitudes you have about life. And you may even succeed for a time. But eventually you will find you return to your original behavior and attitudes. This is because your life is determined, insofar as it is a law of nature for you to take the path of least resistance.”
― Robert Fritz, The Path of Least Resistance

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Is your Healer or Teacher Right For You?

Something interesting came into my awareness over the last few weeks, thus, I felt compelled to share with you.  When people are choosing someone to work with, as a healer, or a teacher, they need to feel connected to that person.  It is very important that something within you is saying “yes, it’s her/him”. If you are feeling pushed to a healer or teacher by friends or family, make sure you pay attention to whether or not they feel right for you.  Not every person is meant to connect with someone just because your own friends or family ascertain this is the best person for you.

We need you to trust your instincts.  If you feel a connection, a draw, or intrigue about a healer or teacher, that’s a great thing!  And chances are, you and your friends and family may all be very content with the same healer.  What you need to know is that the person who will teach and help with your healing, often has something in common with you, and where you are on your journey.  They have already had an experience or a life lesson that you may be struggling through at this point, and thus, your angels would send you to connect with that person.

As a healer and a teacher, myself, I marvel at how the universe works!  Many times I’ll be in the midst of a healing, and the connection between myself and my client becomes obvious.  As someone who has gone through divorce, or health issues, or challenges around parenting a child with an illness, the Angels already know what I’ve experienced and what I’ve learned.  It is my job to share the wisdom and guidance that came from my experience as well as what comes from your own Angels and Guides.  It is a truly beautiful feeling to help calm my client and reassure them, as I know they will get through whatever challenges they face.

Now, just because I have experience in life, as we all do, this hardly makes me an expert.  What it does do, is shows you one possible solution to your challenges.

Every one of us, myself included, has connected with a healer or a teacher, and felt a little off – like something didn’t jive, or that the experience left us feeling like something was missing.  This is likely because that person didn’t vibrate the way we do…thus not a match.

Something else to be wary of, is paying attention to how the healer or teacher speaks of others.  Make sure the person you are working with is authentic, passionate, and truly believes in what they are doing.  Authentic people don’t worry about how many clients they have, or want to limit your personal experience by asking you to stop seeing other healers or teachers.   Authentic people also trust that you came to them, because you were intended to work together. A good relationship with a healer or teacher will provide you with the sensation of being uplifted and supported, not burdened or downtrodden.

When someone is operating out of fear, or feelings of competition, this often indicates an area where they could do some healing for themselves.   If someone has to raise up themselves by putting others down, this is a self-esteem or ego issue.   It is important to pay attention to how that person speaks of others they have worked with, or other teachers and healers.   In addition, if you are in a relationship, and your partner or best friend says you cannot see other teachers or healers, I highly recommend reviewing their motivation for that situation.

Another important thing to pay attention to is how do you feel when you are around that teacher or healer?  Are you open to explore yourself?  Are you willing to be honest and share with them what’s happening in your life, so that you may experience the full benefits of the experience?  Or do you feel a need to shut down, or protect yourself.   If it’s the latter, you have connected with someone who is not necessarily good for you.  Your Team (Angels and Guides) will be happy to chat with someone who is good for you, can assist you in your journey.  Your intuition will tell you if the person before you is not that person.

It’s also good to know that we don’t need to run out and take every course when we are on our spiritual journey.  Trust the Universe, or your team to let you know if something is a good fit, if it will benefit you, and feel confident that you’ve chosen the right teacher, or the right healer.

Healers and teachers are not completely healed, but they have often gone through some healing experiences that can benefit you.  In addition, they are not perfect, we are all still human.  We are still working on our own journey, and will always have things to learn.

Spiritual journeys do not have rungs of achievement, no one is further along their journey than someone else, and there is no hierarchy or awards ceremony.  It’s important to recognize that when we want to quantify where we are on our journey, which is our Ego stepping in, and wanting to compete with others.

Healthy healers and teachers are those that are in gratitude for their journey, are humble and recognize that without the loving support of their own guidance, the Universe, Source, Spirit or God as you see it, they would not be able to assist others.  It is beautiful to receive affirmation that the client has moved further on their journey, but it is not acceptable to take credit for their transformation.  The client did the work, the healer or teacher did not.  By facilitating a safe place, by encouraging our clients, by loving supporting through messages, or by giving the client another way to sort out things, we are not responsible for the healing the client does.  Everyone has free will.  It works the same in the reverse.  If the client does not make changes in their life or their thinking, they have that choice.  It is not the fault of the healer or teacher if the client decides not to make changes as recommended.

One more important thing to note is ethics.  It is completely inappropriate for a healer or a teacher to every share specific details about your sessions.  You need to be able to trust that the session is completely private, that all things shared are shared in a safe and sacred space.  If someone speaks about a client and shares details, I would avoid working with them, the same way you would in the professional world.  A Healer or Teacher holds a sacred gift of discretion and privacy when they work with someone.   When a healer wants to use an example, it should be generalized, and they should have permission to share even the generalized information.

What makes you feel secure to work with a healer or a teacher?  What do you value most?  We’d love to hear your thoughts, write to me and let me know what’s important to you!

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Making Memories or Making Perfect

As 2018 came to a close, how do you feel your holidays went?  Many of us go to extreme measures to ensure things are absolutely PERFECT for friends and family.  The collective consciousness has us all ramped up with anticipation, anxiety and worry about how things are going to turn out.  People are often stressed, with holiday shopping, cleaning, decorating, planning, and executing what they hope will be the perfect event.  That was me in previous years.  I found that I’d get very strung out on the idea of everything being perfect.  The perfect gift to light up my child’s eyes, the perfect turkey dinner, having my house spic and span for guests.  And, in previous years, I was left worn out, and always a little disappointed, like there was a bar to reach, and I hadn’t made it.   It discolored the memories, made me feel a little sad, and I would vow to do better “next time”.

This year, somehow, was very different.  I avoided being pulled into the chaos that is happening all around us at this time of year.   I did the bulk of my shopping online, or at our Farmer’s Market.  I bought groceries through the whole of December, not just the few days before Christmas.  I took time to clean a little each week, and have things already set up, or in place, before company arrived.  There was no feeling of last minute chaos, no stress, no worry.  I had moved to a place of remembering, it’s really all about the memories.  It’s not about the perfect dinner, the perfect present, the perfect home.  None of those things really matter.

This year, sitting around the Christmas tree with my family, was calm and perfect as it could be.  Watching their eyes light up as they opened gifts, my own excitement with the gifts I received, and the sharing of stories for those gifts that were tough to procure.  My heart was full of love, and peace.  I enjoyed the day, the cooking of dinner, and setting up the table.  I took memories of loved ones past, and ensured they had a place on our table through the lovely things handed down to me.

What I had realized is that we never know how our time will pass.  We make memories together out of silly, insignificant things while we spend time together.  I made a toast that brought up emotion in my father, which was around how grateful I was that we all could be together for this Christmas.  They are aging, and I recognize that they may not be up for the trip again next year.  I was in gratitude that I get to spend Christmas day with my children, as I share time with their father, and they wanted to be here.  I was in gratitude for the health of my family, so we can continue to build memories together.

So many stories I hear are focused on how hard the holidays can be, and I understand.  We have a tendency to resent some people around us, we are under our own personal pressure, as well as society’s, to have a perfect event, a perfect present, a perfect meal.  You can choose what type of celebration you have, be it perfect, or is it calm, loving, and memory inducing.  I’m in gratitude for all the wonderful people in my life, my family, my friends, and my wonderful clients.

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The Gift of Shoeboxes in the Closet

At this time of the year, many of us are very busy, doing things for the holidays, finishing up on work, so we may take a break.  Also at this time, we are often short of Vitamin D, and feel a little blue.  Combining it with having the occasional memory, or flashback, this can really throw us off our game.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a memory comes back to you, and totally derails your emotional state?  Sometimes I’ll be tossed back to a time where I feel regret, sadness, guilt or pain, and am frustrated by revisiting an issue I had thought was long healed.    I call this revisiting or going through the Shoeboxes in the Closet.  The closet being your memories.

Interestingly, we have an Archangel in charge of how these memories come to you.  His name is Archangel Jeremiel.  I have worked closely with him for years before I knew he had a name, and a purpose for bringing those memories into the NOW moment.  The purpose of bringing these memories to your attention in the NOW, is to show you how far you’ve come.  He’ll show you how strong you are, and have been. It shows you that you can survive anything life is sending your way, and hopefully remind you of your own inner strength and ability to persevere.

When I was learning about the Archangels, I remember choosing Doreen Virtue’s deck Archangels Oracle Cards at a class I was in.  Part of this class was also to teach us to lead a group or class in a meditation.  Prior to this point, I wasn’t aware of more than about 3 Archangels, so when I was asked to do a meditation with Archangel Jeremiel, I panicked!

I’d never heard of him, and had no idea of what he can do for us.  Going through my Archangel Deck, I found that his cards had a wonderful theme – Overcoming Difficulties, Life Review and Take Your Power Back.  The Life Review really meant something to me.   I was amazed that an Archangel could be helping me with that, as I just thought it was the way my brain worked.  As I’m sure you do, I often find myself taking memories out of those shoe boxes, and reliving, feeling, the experience I’m seeing in my Mind’s Eye.  Sometimes the memory is so powerful, the energy just completely takes me over, and I’m stuck in a feeling of sadness, grief, fear, or regret.  For example, a memory of something I did when I was 15 years old can come back, and I feel immediately transported to my younger self, feeling sad, and guilty for upsetting my mother.  Really, my 15 year old self did what she knew at the time and should be forgiven.

The way you can work with Archangel Jeremiel and these memories is to ask to be shown in Observer Mode.  Remember, you can shift how you perceive something, purely by asking.  When asking to see it in the Observer Mode, all emotion can be removed, and you can get the actual message that Jeremiel wants you to have.  You can see how you overcame an obstacle, how you powered through when you were down, remind you to have faith in yourself and you or abilities.  It’s amazing how powerful these messages can be, when you need them.

Next time you’re feeling blue because of a memory that came to you, please remember to look for the lesson.  What did you gain or learn from the experience.  How can you be in gratitude for the reminder, and what can you take away for an experience you are having in the NOW.  I’m in gratitude for Archangel Jeremiel, even when I feel sad.

Most recently, Facebook showed me a memory from 5 years ago, when I was in the darkest sadness I’d ever felt.  I remember that time, but I’ve been growing and being grateful for all the good in my life since then.  I didn’t realize that it would hit me as hard, emotionally, as it did.  To be instantly transported in my mind to a time when things seemed so bleak and sad.  As no emotions are actually “BAD”, I reminded myself of how amazing I have been since then.  What lessons I’d learnt once I’d healed that experience, and I can be grateful that Archangel Jeremiel and Facebook (LOL) showed me when I’d been at my lowest so I could see how far I’ve risen.

Be in gratitude for the memories, ask what you are being shown, and allow your intuition to guide you to clarity, and restore faith in yourself.

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Cruise Control or Stop N Go?

Messages from your Vehicle about your Journey

What is your car telling you about your life?  Like Louise Hay explains in Heal Your Body, energy trapped in the body, can cause illness.  Interestingly, from my experience, my car can do the same thing.  It makes sense, as your vehicle is an extension of you.  It can pick up on your vibe, and respond accordingly.  Over the last decade, I have enjoyed some interesting messages from my vehicle, that correlate to where I was in my life, and what I had to do to change that.  Each part of the vehicle can respond to a physical human body aspect.  Keep this in mind, if you are having trouble with your vehicle, what it may be telling you.  We can be cruising merrily along in our life, when something comes up to make you stop and think.

The Universe showed me was wrong through a vehicle, and it was made apparent to me during a time of financial lack.  I was working very hard, yet, not getting ahead.  Each time money would find its way to me (outside of the job), I could spend it in many directions.  Thus creating a stop n go feeling.  I’d feel very well off, temporarily, until I looked at all the places I should put that money.  So the Go feeling was when the money came in, and the wonderful high vibration of being able to spend it where I needed it.  The Stop feeling came, when I realized that the money needed to be tripled to go in three different places, like bills, savings, and household budget.  During this time, my vehicle was going through brakes on a yearly basis.  Thus the energy of stop n go, was having an effect on my car, or being in parallel with my vibrational energy.

The next insight came with the very weird situation of my vehicle being impounded while I was away on a Law of Attraction cruise, ironically.  I knew that I needed to make a significant change in my life, and move on from a partner who was not supporting himself or our family for a period of years.  I kept making excuses that the other value he brought to the relationship, outweighed the lack of financial responsibility.  In my heart I knew it wasn’t good for me to continue with the relationship, but fearing conflict, I wasn’t ready to make the change and ask him to move on.  I had purchased this vehicle, and there was another of the same make model and age on the car lot.  I found out afterward, it had been sold at the same time as my vehicle was sold to me, and I had been given the incorrect VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for registration.  During my brief cruise, I received a frightening message that my partner had been pulled over, in my car, with my children, while I was away.  They had said the vehicle was not registered, and thus was impounded.    I had to act quickly to retrieve the vehicle when I returned and sort out all the paperwork issues to have my car properly registered.  The message to me from the spiritual end of things, was that I had to make some changes in order to prevent things from being lost to me, which I owned and valued.  I needed to sacrifice the good in order to deal with the negative vibration that the situation was causing me.

Starting 10 years ago, I pay a lot more attention to how situations are affecting my ability to bring in and manifest what I need for my home, my family and my business.  Whenever we have a delay or a drag in our income, or a frustration around money energy, there is likely a direct correlation around what we are allowing to continue, or how we feel about money somewhere in our life.

Over the winter, I had a tendency not to check the air pressure in my tires, due to a medical condition that makes it so I have no feeling in my fingers, once they get cold.  Thus, I was rolling merrily along in my life, when we had a ridiculous cold snap, measuring 30 degrees below, Celsius.  I’d not been able to check the air pressure in the tires, due to not having a garage, and the continuous cold temperatures.  I went to drive the car, and felt like the tire was frozen solid (square tire).  It made a lot of noise, and was vibrating hard as I drove.  I knew I needed to stop and check it, but was on an expressway, with no safe place to stop.  The roads were icy and frozen, covered with snow, and everyone was having a hard time driving on them.  Finally, the noise became so loud, I knew something was terribly wrong, and had the opportunity to pull off in a safe place.  The tire had actually blown apart, and took with it part of my car side trim. When I look back now, I was in a new relationship without passion, and it was as if someone had let all the air out of my love life.

The most recent, and the one that finally had me realizing I needed to put this on paper, was that a fuel injector in my car was mis-firing.  This created an inability to accelerate quickly, thus putting me in danger of a collision when merging.  The feeling was very jerky, and it made me feel the power of the engine, yet the hesitancy for it to move forward.  When I discussed this with a friend, she asked where in my life, did I feel that jerky inability to move forward? Where was I experiencing a slowness to reach my desired speed, and where did that leave me for feeling vulnerable?  It came down to my ability to earn and provide for my family.  There is an outstanding amount due to me, and a frustration behind that.  As Much as I have done to let go of the outcome, it continues to affect my vibration.  It shows up as me being able to move forward quickly at times, yet with hesitancy, and even inability to move forward at times.  This looks like passion and drive vs procrastination and depression.    This inspired me to realize that I must move forward on the legal issues to have the matter settled.  As much as I’d like to believe that I’d let go, and trusted it would be handled, it was time to take next steps to have the matter settled, as it is messing with my car, my peace and my ability to manifest.

What Is Your Car Telling You?

Body Damage?

It’s interesting to see that a friend of mine, with a lot of illness in her body, often has scuffs, dings, or minor accidents that mar the body of her beautiful car.  It frustrates her to no end, and it parallels her physical challenges with her health.  Accepting that the car may get marks on it, may release her from some of this frustration.

Low Fluids?

Low oil, low fluids, running out of windshield wiper fluid, running out of gas, could easily indicate that you are not giving your own body what it needs.  When you find yourself running low on fluids, take some time to nurture and give yourself food and fluids.

No energy, dragging, hard to accelerate?

Where in your life do you feel a lack of enthusiasm, passion, or interest?  Are you enjoying your life, or just going through the paces?

Speeding tickets?

You need to take more control of your life in general.  Right now, there is too hectic of a pace to maintain, and you are being reminded that going too fast can cause health issues, and be dangerous to you.  You are being reminded to slow down.

Broken or cracked Windshield?

How is your vision of your own life currently marred?  Are you playing a victim, are you seeing things through unclear eyes? Making excuse for others instead of seeing things clearly and in truth.

Tie Rod Ends, Shocks, Ball Joints?

Often indicate you have been carrying a burden, or see your life and responsibilities as burdens.  Similar to hips/lower back in the body.

I believe that energy can be paralleled and shown to us in other ways.  Seeing your vehicle as an extension of yourself, can help you to see what the universe is telling you.  Keep in mind that everyone experiences issues now and again with their vehicle.  When there seems to be a string of incidences, or issues with a vehicle, meditate, and ask what am I being shown through this experience?

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The Mirror Concept

Was born a happy child… people always assumed that I was happy and that nothing challenged me or made me sad.  I was brought up to only show people the happy side, and left my feelings to friends that were understanding.  The world at large always sees me as happy and optimistic.

Let’s look at the mechanics of being happy.  It is a choice, a deliberate one that creates feelings of happiness, optimism and general well-being.  We have a tendency to let our day to day struggles challenge us to the point of being unhappy.  Are you happy right now?  Or are you content in your current circumstance?  When we are not being challenged or struggling with something, we are not growing.  We are not learning, and changing as our souls were sent here to do.  So, what does that mean to you?  You can really and truly be happy.  You can learn to shift your perspective and find that silver lining in every dark cloud.  I want to show you how.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with choices, and options.  What we choose defines our day.  Take for example a stressful work experience.   In this example, people around you have a tendency to be negative, and are comfortable with sharing their point of view on a regular basis.  You have a choice every day of whether or not you allow that to colour your perspective of the world.  Two people can have exactly the same role and not handle it the same way.  If you look at it from an omnipotent perspective, you can see that what you send out, you will attract back.  So, that being said, when you are positive, optimistic, helpful and courteous, your clients are as well.  When you are negative, stiff, and stubborn, or short with people, you will attract the same.   Everyone you come in contact with is a mirror to you, to show you how to grow and change for the better.  Sadly, without perspective here, you will be more miserable when shown the mirror, and develop frustration, anger, or victim responses, doomed ‘poor me’ attitude that continues to perpetuate.   I challenge you to take an honest look at your work style, and your personality that you are bringing to work.

The Mirror is not always comfortable, but it is definitely a wonderful challenge to the person willing to go within and figure out what is irritating them, or bothering them about someone else’s behavior.   For example, a co-worker is rather full of themselves, showing a lot of ego in their choices and their comments.  This really frustrates you, as you have been taught to let go of ego and be content with yourself.  You honestly believe that you do not do things out of ego.  However, they really rub you the wrong way, and your desired result would be a change in that person.  Being honest with yourself, does your ego need a bit of a tune-up?  Would you do better to see the person with empathy rather than judgement?   And, do you dislike their behavior as it does, indeed, mirror something within you that you don’t share with the world?

Another good example is the need to be the centre of attention.  From my own experience, it is delightful to be focused on and praised, and we crave it.  The reason we crave it is that we are allowing others perception of us to evaluate ourselves, rather than already feeling comfortable and in a state of self-love.   I was recently at a workshop where one of the other students was constantly verbally relating to all the teaching points out loud and sharing what seemed a lot of personal information.  I was feeling like the course was becoming all about this person.  Over time, I had learned to be quiet and listen as much as possible, as there are always lessons coming, and that I didn’t need to be the star pupil, even though a part of me would like to be.   When this situation came up and I found myself becoming irritated, I had to honestly reflect that it was me being jealous of this person taking the stage.  Once I recognized that she was mirroring to me, that part of me that wanted to be noticed and special, I found that I was no longer irritated with her, and no longer upset that she was asking for more focus on herself.  In there, I found empathy, and hoped that she would soon recognize that she can go within for more acclaim, from her inner self-love.  The lesson was important, as I now ask myself before I interject, is this about me, or is it something that others may benefit from?   Also, to hold my tongue and realize that learning is a very important experience for others, and that unless I have something to say that would be a universal question or topic, it doesn’t need to be said..  It doesn’t have to be all about me, nor anyone else.

It takes time to make this work for you, and I challenge you to take a look and reflect, change what you don’t like or appreciate that is being brought up in you, with love.  We all want to be the best, but just holding that close to your heart is enough.

The main reason that I bring up the mirror is that I want to help you to recognize what happens when you are not putting forth positive vibration, and good thoughts.  The best place to see this, is in a scenario at home.  Have you ever had a morning where things were just not going right?

You have a busy day, getting ready for work, getting the family ready and off to their specific venues for the day.  You ironed a lovely white shirt and due to your haste and feelings of being stressed to complete all your tasks quickly, you spill coffee on that shirt.  This leads to going to find an alternate, but you already have prepared yourself for a day of doom.  That being said, making lunches, getting kids ready for school, your temper is shorter than normal, and you are brisk and temperamental with your kids and your spouse.   Once enroute, you find yourself stuck in traffic and possibly being late for work.  Now, how are you feeling?  Stress, frustrated, and overall very negative.  Do you realize you had a choice on the very first step to change how your own day went?

I know that many of us believe that we do not have control over events that happen around us, and to us.  I believe we do, and have put it into practice.   I wanted to show you, how you can change that day of doom into a positive and happy one.

First of all, when things happen that upset you, slow down, and choose how you are going to react.  If you just said “no problem, I’ll grab something else to wear”, you wouldn’t create the further stress and agitation with the rest of the processes of your day.  When you let the little things slide, laugh them off, and move forward, you don’t cause yourself further harm.  Believe me, this takes practice, but I know you can make the shift.

Put a smile on, as much as you can.  When we smile, its very hard to stay in darker thoughts.  Negativity can just roll off of us and we can feel more in charge of how things are coming into our day and into our lives.  Staying positive and optimistic does take a conscious effort, but only for a little while.  How you choose to deal with your life and your mood and attitude is completely up to you.

Did you see that, did you realize I’ve told you that your mood is up to you?  Often we believe that we have moods and we are powerless over them.

Annoyingly Optimistic….

I have been described on a regular basis as annoyingly optimistic.  It makes my chest puff up, as I recognize that I’m definitely on the right track and keeping optimism in the forefront of my thought.  Good things come to me, I attract amazing people and good opportunities, all based on being optimistic and happy.   People enjoy being around my energy as it’s not polluted with negative thoughts and comments.   I love that the energy I put forth is welcoming and that people want more of it, it’s delightful.  Plus, I have the bonus of being happy almost all of the time, because I chose to be.

How can you become more optimistic?  It’s a conscious choice.  Everything you come up against, you have a choice in how you react.  You can choose what you want as an end result.  Really, even the most negative circumstances.

I spent a lot of time in Call Centres in my corporate career.  It used to surprise me that I was one of the only ones who didn’t get tough or bad calls, or at least very rarely entertained them.  I started to reflect on the people around me, and what their water-cooler talk was about.  They were struggling in other aspects of their lives, not loving their work, and in general had a negative feeling around them.  So many of them were wonderful people, but they weren’t letting that show through, especially in their work.

I started to pay attention to the calls they were getting and how they were handling them.  I saw that their negative feelings, whether obvious in their voices and manner, or not, were causing their calls to be challenging, negative and sometimes quite intense.  They were getting the mirror of what they were putting out to the customers.  The customers were sensing the discord and responding in kind.

I took note of the people who had very few challenging calls, and saw that they were gentle, positive, optimistic and courteous.  They were helpful and had not only positive responses from the callers, but they also saw increased revenue on their calls.  These things were not being measured by metrics that I have seen.  It would be a helpful tool to be able to measure attitude in a call centre.

From observing the people around me, I also noted that these people had a general feeling of being content with most aspects of their lives.  They had challenges and struggles as well, but they didn’t choose to be miserable over the things going on, they chose to meet them head on with optimism that things would work out for the best.

“no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should” from the Desiderata, Author Max Ehrmann…  Sometimes we have to trust and believe that things are happening around us for a reason.  The reason is a lesson, a challenge, or an experience for us to share with others at a later time, to assist them in their healing and growing.  This phrase has sometimes led people to believe they are powerless over the outcome and thus they give up and grow negative over feeling out of control over their destiny.   This needs to be reflected on with optimism, that there are reasons for things to happen the way they do, and we can fight them, or we can be peaceful and accept changes.

A method I have learnt that works well is to ask the Universe to bring my changes with grace and ease.  We have a choice, even in how things come, to move through it gracefully, or to fight it all the way.    When we fight the changes in our life, they really do become much more difficult, and we see that spill over into all the other facets of our life.  An issue at work can quickly become an issue at home, with your spouse or your children, but if you choose to embrace change, you will start to see that your more peaceful demeanor will be apparent in all your other areas of your life.

Some people thrive on drama.  I believe we are all guilty of it at some point or another, especially when we are up against significant changes in our life.   Creating the scenario around what is happening to you makes your story more interesting, you feel, and gives you a greater sense of the world doing you wrongly.  Your friends will at times enjoy your storytelling, but in time grow tired of you creating mountains out of molehills.  To you, it is a mountain, until you learn to accept and ask what you are meant to learn from the situation.  By asking, I mean going within and talking to God, Creator, the Universe or your Higher Power as you see it.  Once you start to recognize that you are creating the drama in your own life, it loses its appeal.  You embody being calm and capable of allowing changes in your life without fighting and dramatizing them.   This can be a tough lesson, because, as we discussed before, we love to be the centre of attention, and our life might look boring to others without the drama.  Trust me, it feels much better not to allow yourself to over dramatize.  You only make yourself feel powerless and like a victim if you make that mountain greater than your ability to resolve what’s happening in your life.

Talking to the Expert:

We all have inner guidance, and a relationship with our Higher Selves, our God, our Angels, Creator or the Universe.  It is a very private relationship that you do not need to define to others, but you know it as your inner guidance. For the sake of clarity, I’m going to call it your Higher Self.   We came into this lifetime with everything we need to navigate through, and learn our lessons.  Our souls have mapped out what we want to experience this time, but this is a secret to your conscious mind.  Your Subconscious mind and your Higher Self know what’s going on and what you are meant to learn, or overcome.  Through meditation and trusting your inner feelings, thoughts, images and voices, you will be able to become more in tune with the lessons you are here to learn.  This leads to a feeling of acceptance of change, and understanding.

When you want to come in contact with this higher resource for yourself, meditation and daydreaming are a really wonderful method.  Meditation isn’t as difficult as you might think, you do it all the time when you are daydreaming and coming up with wonderful ideas.  That is tapping into your subconscious power, to your inner knowing.  For those that are having trouble meditating, you likely are letting your conscious mind interfere, believing that the experience should be different.  It’s really about relaxing and letting ideas flow, letting thoughts, pictures, and feelings come to you, and then interpreting them after the fact, not while you are in them.  You can tune into your subconscious by changing some of your daily habits, brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, or changing another habitual ritual, it inspires your subconscious to open up and share with you.  Often these thoughts and ideas need to be written down, as they are fleeting once your logical mind comes back into focus on them.  Journalling or even having a notepad nearby when you are exploring your inner knowing can be very helpful.

Choosing to be or deciding to be happy is a full on spiritual experience.  You are meant to be happy, have joy, and be prosperous.  Society has created structures that challenge that by creating monetary challenges, relationship issues, deadlines, responsibilities and basically are pulling much of the joy from our daily lives.  We need to choose to be happy, be hopeful, be optimistic and look at all the areas of our life that bring us down or make us feel negative.

I challenge you to take inventory on the next negative thing that comes your way.  Stop yourself and ask, how am I going to perceive this?  Am I going to let this affect my entire day, or can I see it for what it truly is, an accident, a challenge or a lesson?  Once you start to face things optimistically, it gets easier and easier to accept, and the bigger things will be less negative and challenging.

Be happy for your health.  Allowing yourself to stay in a negative state of mind actually causes dis-ease in the body.  Medical science has found that increased levels of cortisol due to stress and anxiety deplete the body’s ability to function on a normal basis.  When we react negatively and intensely to our lives, we empty the body’s resource and this leads to adrenal fatigue.  This puts you in a state of always being tired, depressed and unmotivated.  When you focus on the good in your life, and let the drama subside, you keep your body healthy.  Happiness and joy release endorphins and dopamine, which are the good feeling chemicals in the brain, and bring an overall sense of well-being.  Which would you rather have, and do you realize that your choices are possibly making you fatigued?

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Honouring your agreements

Lately I have been noticing that people on a spiritual path have chosen not to honour their agreements with people who are supposed to be their friends.  In order to be authentic, it is very important to be honouring and practicing your integrity.  There are a couple of instances where I’ve seen people on a spiritual path choose not to fulfill their financial obligations to others.  This is driving feelings of misunderstanding and hurt, as well as seriously damaging reputations.  I know that many of you think that being spiritual should not allow money to become an issue, or that money has no place in healing.  Money is only energy, and when you make an agreement to exchange energy with someone else, you need to honour that.  By not fulfilling your end of the agreement, you bring about feelings of distrust and do not honour the person with whom you made the agreement.  When we do work for others, in a healing capacity or in the corporate world, there needs to be an exchange.  Would you work for a corporation for free?  Why is it that some people think they do not have to follow through on their financial obligations with others?  Is it a lack of respect?  If it’s not at first, it certainly becomes one.  The issue is with Karma and your ability to receive.  If you do not follow through, you’re bringing on financial loss on your own situation, as whatever you put out you receive back threefold.  So, if you’ve agreed to pay someone for a service, and you do not follow through, you tempt karma to send the same experience to you.

Part of the power lies within you.  When you enter into an agreement, remember that your own energy plays a huge part.  If you make promises, you need to follow through.  If you are on the receiving end, you need to be able to trust the person with whom you’ve entered into the agreement.  Often we are blinded to what we’ve heard about a person and their business dealings as they are considered a friend.  We are optimistic that even though that person has hurt others, they will not hurt us.  This is an issue with our own healthy boundaries.

I ask you to look carefully at those with whom you do business.  To ensure you attract healthy business relationships, make sure the ones you have are in the highest integrity.  Ask the universe to only send you people who are a vibrational match.  If you are in integrity, are honest and authentic, you ask that only those people who match that vibration come into your realm for business dealings.  Honour the experience of friends or family, and heed warnings before entering into financial agreements where there is doubt.

It saddens me to see friends being hurt by other friends who will not honour their agreements.  I know that in my own life, these are experiences for me to learn from.  My boundaries need to be healthier.  My voice needs to be stronger when making agreements.  When a friend or client does not honour the agreement we have made, I have to reflect on myself, and see where I allowed that to happen.  In that, I find the lesson and my personal strength.  Remember that what happens around you is often a reflection of you.  Knowing that can help you improve relationships when moving forward.  Knowing this can also help you to move forward, let go of the outcome, and allow the universe to take care of the situation for you.  Continue to trust that money energy or agreements can be honoured in time.  If they are not, know that it is time to move away from the person or situation.  Honour yourself and your needs, allow yourself to be sad then heal knowing that the lesson needed to be taught.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

Book by Don Miguel Ruiz

Be impeccable with your word.

Don’t take anything personally.

Don’t make assumptions.

Always do your best.

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Your Purpose

Have you ever really focused in on something that you want to have happen very strongly, and been overwhelmed with a sense of purpose?  Purpose is an amazing thing, helps us climb the highest mountains and weather the greatest storms in our life.  We are always stronger than we believe, and when we set out to get something done, the rewards feel greater, our soul sings when we conquer and we feel joy at the end of it.

Now, wouldn’t you love to feel more of that?  I want to talk to you about your purpose.  So many of us question what that is.  For parents, it seems a little easier to define, as souls have chosen you to guide them and love them.  But when they are ready to leave the nest, or if you have not chosen to be a parent, it can seem a little difficult to find your purpose.

Your purpose is to love and to help people.  In whatever way, shape, or form your heart desires.  So many of us are Lightworkers and Earth Angels who always help others, in some way.  We find that we don’t know how to ask for help ourselves, and will often burn out from giving our energy away so freely.

Your purpose is defined as whatever makes your heart sing, gives you joy bubbling out of your chest, and is sometimes hard to define in terms of a job or career path.  When you look at what you do every day, which parts of it make you happy, give you a sense of accomplishment, or a rush that you’re on the right track.  For me it was Customer Service work.  Now that I’m on my path, and know my purpose, it is still in the area of Customer Service.  Being an intuitive counsellor is giving people the guidance to empower themselves to live their best lives.  It’s an amazing purpose, and when I’m working with people, I have great joy in my heart.

When looking for your purpose, check in with your heart.  What makes you happy?  When do you feel the strongest, the most knowledgeable, and the most at peace.  It could be anything, from creating art, to helping people heal, to saving and healing animals.  It’s whatever you define as the thing you would choose to do, even if you weren’t being paid for it.  The beautiful thing about it, is when you embrace your purpose, the universe conspires to bring you abundance for it.  You only have to be open to receive.

I would love to help you to figure out what your purpose is, and how to turn it into something that will bring you abundance!  If you are already sure of your purpose and not sure how to get started working with it, I’d enjoy helping you with that as well.  Come join us for one of our Workshops!

Just “ASK”

It’s a new year, and it’s an excellent time to take a good look at how we did last year.  Did you find it a struggle to make things work for you?  Many of us had a year of major ups and downs, filled with losses and gains, and overall emotional challenges.  It was very common, in 2014, for people to leave jobs and relationships, struggle with new jobs and relationships and wonder what we are really doing with our lives.  It is a good thing to reflect on where you are and what you really truly want.  Once you decide what you want, be it a new relationship, to find a more fulfilling job, or to make a true shift in your focus, how do you make that come about?  Well, it’s really a matter of your mindset; are you bringing in what you need, or are you deflecting it?

A very positive method for bringing in what you need and want in your life is to ASK your Angels.  We all have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides that work with us on a daily basis.   The little voices in your head, you may call your intuition, are actually your Angels and Guides working with you.  They are a very important part of you.  They are your cheerleaders, your sounding board, and your best friends, especially in times of stress or need.  The challenge is, that we often don’t listen to our own inner guidance when we are feeling drama in our lives.  We will revert to feelings of fear and ultimately feelings of a loss of control.  What is important to remember is that we actually have all we really need right at our fingertips, or within ourselves.

It may sound extremely simplistic, but just remembering to ASK for help, especially from your Angels and Guides, can help put you on the right path.  As human beings, we usually will avoid ASKING for help, as we want to appear strong and in control of our lives.  However, it actually stops the flow of good things to us if we do not allow ourselves to receive.   Giving and receiving is a balance that needs to occur in our lives, and is often one of the most difficult to fathom.  We don’t want our peers and family to think that we don’t have it ‘all together’.   I’m here to tell you that it actually shows strength to ASK for help.

I challenge you to start to ASK for what you need.  Every little thing.  Nothing is too small or simple, it’s important to just begin to ASK.  This can be as basic as ASKING for green lights all the way when you are running late to an appointment.  ASKING for a parking spot near the door, and then adopting a feeling of confidence that it will indeed come through for you.  Start to ASK and EXPECT the results you need.  Be in the feeling of it, know that it will happen.  And when it does, say thank you and be in gratitude that your angels have made things shift for you.

The reason you want to start with the smaller things is that it really helps to improve your confidence.  A number of you have already managed to bring things that you needed in a pinch, but have challenges bringing things in a timely fashion, with less stress and drama around it.  If you practice with the smaller things, you move into the vibration of giving and receiving, and that vibration allows you to grow your “ASKS” to the point where you can start to feel confident and assured that they will indeed be fulfilled.

The Archangels play a very important role in your ASKS.  When you ASK within, contacting your own Guardian Angels and Guides, you may find that things are not working as smoothly as you’d like. This is often due to self-doubt or belief systems surrounding your worthiness of receiving.    I suggest that our Archangel Michael, the protector, and the jack of all trades, is a great one to ASK for what you need.  You are never taking him away from something more important, as he is omnipresent and can do for everyone all at once.  ASK Archangel Michael to be your co-pilot when you travel, even if just a short distance, and you’ll find that your drive is easier, less stressful, and you will arrive in good time.  You need to have faith, believe what you need will be there for you, and trust that you are worthy of receiving it.

ASKING your own Angels and Guides for assistance with every little thing will make your life easier and teach you to trust your own intuition and inner guidance.  When your needs and wants are bigger than just a parking space, your belief that things will work out as they should needs to be confident and without fear.  You need to “know” and “trust” that things will work out, and stay confident.  Be in the vibration that what you want, already IS, and be in gratitude.   This is also known as manifesting or the law of attraction.  Believing what you need is already coming is being in the correct vibration to allow and receive it.  ASK for more than enough to meet your needs financially.  ASK for the helpful people and opportunities to come into your life.  ASK for ease and grace when going through challenges.  ASK for gentle catalysts when a big change needs to happen in your life.  Start ASKING now, and see how amazing your life can be, with the assistance of your Angels and Guides and the Archangels.

Blessings, Michelle L Eskdale

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Power of Thought, by Michelle L Eskdale

Many of us have read books like The Secret that indicate that what you think, you become.   Can the power of your thoughts really have that much impact on your reality?  I believe so!  Just take a look at how it makes a difference to how you feel when you think negative thoughts…how they snowball and soon you are in a sad or angry mood.   What you think about, and how you think will impact you both internally and externally.

For example, what typically happens to your mood when you wake up late for work, or an appointment?  You start having thoughts about how much worse things are going to get, you spill coffee your clean shirt, adding minutes to your already delayed departure.   You trip over the cat, are gruff with the kids, and are short with your spouse, all because you’ve decided you are going to be late today.  That’s right, you DECIDED you are going to be late.  And you likely also told yourself that you’re going to have a “Bad Day”.  Indeed the Universe is listening, and you will…

On the flip side, think about if you woke up late, and you put your trust in your angels to help shave a few minutes off everything you did that morning.  You DECIDED that you would have enough time to get things done, you hugged your kids, kissed your spouse and were aware of the cat before you left the house.  You are still going to have a good day, because you DECIDED to do so.

So what does this mean to you?  Look at how you could make an entire day go better, just because you DECIDED not to let a rough start ruin your day.  You have the POWER of THOUGHT to change how you view YOUR world, how you feel about your world, and when you put it out there, the Universe reflects back favourably on you.

The Power of Thought is something you can use for or against someone as well.  When we are children, when we hear things like “Why can’t you just listen?”, “How come you are so Stupid” and “You are not living up to your potential”, like our moods, these can temper our attitudes.  The Universe doesn’t hear the negatives, only pulls out the facts — so these children will likely be conditioned to not be able to listen, believe they are stupid, and won’t believe they can live up to their potential.  By phrasing words in significant ways, we are teaching them what to think about themselves and their abilities.

The Power of Affirmations

A lot of books and audio tapes these days are about Affirmations.  What does that mean, and how do they work?  It’s all about conditioning.  You are telling yourself what to think, what to believe, and how you want to live.  The power of repetition makes it ‘real’ in your mind.  The same way children learn to believe what they are told about themselves and their abilities.  If you constantly tell yourself negative things, you will come out negative.  But, turn it around and tell yourself positive things, and lo and behold, you’ll have a more positive outlook on life, yourself and your potential.

Why don’t Affirmations always work?  Many of us have tried, one I tried in particular was Louise L Hay’s “Learning to Love Yourself”.  I spent some time telling myself in the mirror that “I love you”, and felt very silly.  I tried repeating the phrases over and over, and found that really, I wasn’t believing myself.  Soon that cassette tape sat on the shelf.  What I found actually worked, was “Deciding to be Happy”.

When people would ask me how I was, in my early 20’s, unfortunately I was honest with them.  I thought they really wanted to know.  Quickly, after sharing my thoughts that I might be coming down with something, or that I was only feeling alright, I started to recognize that people were not asking anymore.  Were they no longer interested in me?  No, they were not interested in my negative thoughts.  When I started responding with “Great, thanks and how are you”, things quickly took a more positive slant.  I  also felt better, not focusing on an oncoming cold, or financial issues, I just felt the way I said I felt… I DECIDED to feel good.

Envision yourself very healthy, thinking of everything in your body working exactly as it should.  No aches, no sadness, no depression, no pains, no weight issues, no aging issues…just beautiful inside and out, and very healthy.

Now think about how you “feel” about that version of yourself?  Do you love it more?  Do you feel better already?  This is how powerful your thoughts are!  You have DECIDED to feel good about yourself, your body, your mental state.   Wouldn’t you like to feel like this ALL THE TIME?  I challenge you to make it happen.

How Do I Change My Thought Patterns;

Just like anything else you’ve ever decided, you have to remind yourself to stay on track.  In a Manner of Speaking, create a new habit for yourself.  Imagine how happy you are because you feel good.  Refuse to focus on what makes you feel bad, and focus only on the good.  It’s easy to motivate yourself into this new pattern of thinking, because you just feel better.

When someone asks you how you are, tell them something new.  Try a new phrase on for size “I’m brilliant!”  “I’m great!”  “I’m Happy, and you?” “I’m decidedly Happy”, I’m Excited”,  “I’m feeling  much better”   See how it feels when you say it, how does it reflect on you internally?  What do you get from the people you say it to?  One of my favorites comes from a friend at work who says “If I was any better, I’d be twins”. .. it makes you laugh, and you know that he either IS happy, or is working on being happy.  And really whats the harm in that?

I challenge you to be “Annoyingly Optimistic”

I have often found the people I work with to enjoy their misery.  Really, many people are most comfortable there, and therefore, they must enjoy it, don’t you agree?  It serves a purpose for them.  It gives them attention, it gives them sympathy, and they stay there in their misery.  These are the people who do not understand when you say “I’m Great!”…they would likely hear that you, also, are feeling kind of under the weather, cranky or grumpy, so that you can be in legion with them.  When you counter with positive thoughts, you can inspire them to wonder, “How does she get to feel  great”, but sadly, they’ll often stay in their misery as it serves a purpose.

For the last few years, I’ve been conducting a social experiment.  I have been outwardly happy, on Purpose.  If you think about it, we do have a Purpose here, and it is to be happy, to find joy in our lives and to bring joy to the lives of others.  As a social experiment, I had the opportunity to work with people that were happy to be miserable.  Happy to be grumpy, or complain a lot about their lives and the cards they have been dealt.  When dealing with them, I’d always throw a little something at them for them to think about.  What in their life are they happy about?  Due to this behaviour, I had been tagged as “Annoyingly Optimistic”.  Whenever something comes up, especially change, that everyone wants to feel negative about, I always take the high road.  I always look for the good in things and express that to people.  Even if they don’t agree with me right away, they usually see that I have a point, and will often convert their own thinking when I can point out the good side of things.  Its an enjoyable experiment that I CHALLENGE you to try.  The next time someone tells you something negative, take a moment to look for the silver lining and express it to them.  Not only will they feel better knowing there is hope or a positive slant to things, eventually they will begin to believe it as well.

What you put out you get back — The Boomerang Effect

When you focus on Lack, that is what you receive.  The Universe hears your statements, and brings more of the same.  Reading as many books as we all have, you already know this to be true, but are you putting it to use?  When you look at the monthly bills, do you think “how will I manage to pay for these”, or “Why don’t I have enough money”, and you will get what you ask for, you will get what you put out there.  The key to the Power of Thought is to think about only what you DO want, not what you DON’T want.  If you rephrase your thinking, your self-talk to say “I have more than enough to meet my monthly expenses”, don’t you feel better?  When you spend time worrying about something that you DON’T want, you can bring it about.

Take, for example, a good friend of mine.  She is a strong believer in Abraham, the spirit channelled by Gerry and Esther Hicks (attached some affirmations, and quotes from Abraham).   They believe that whatever you focus on, you can make bigger, stronger, and manifest it to be true.  She was diagnosed with uterine fibroids.  They were causing her great illness and pain.  Whenever she thought about it, all she could think about was them getting bigger, and fearing that outcome.  Eventually, they became so big, she had to have a hysterectomy.  She told me herself, that she really believes that she made them bigger and less manageable by focusing on them rather than envisioning herself to be healthy.  She knows now that with the Power of Thought, she caused her own discomfort and illness.

The Secret also quotes that we are responsible for dis-ease in our bodies.  That we dwell on it, imagine it, or focus on it to the point where it can become all encompassing.  When we give the illness or condition so much power, we give it more strength and it can indeed “take over”… if you practice modifying your thoughts, you can tell yourself you are healthy, tell yourself that you will stay healthy through the flu season, and be aware of the gift that you give yourself when you can chase away that scratchy throat!

Power of Thought is really exactly that.  Your thoughts are so powerful, they define who you are, how you feel and what you will become.  You are meant to do great things here, meant to help and heal others, but first you must take the best possible care of yourself!  When I talk with people unhappy in their lives, I ask them to remember what they are happy about, how can they focus on those great things in their lives, to make the rest of their concerns less strong.

A Meditation for You;

My body is healthy.  I can see ArchAngel Raphael’s beautiful Green light permeating any areas of concern, so I don’t even need to focus on them.  My joints move freely without pain, I am free of headaches, stomach aches, and I never get the flu.  I am stronger and healthier every single day.  I believe that my heart and my mind are happy, and I am free from worries and concerns.  I can live my life to the fullest as I am a healthy, happy, human being.  And in this state, I am free to give my help and support to others.

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If you will let your dominant intention be to revise and improve the content of the story you tell every day of your life, it is our absolute promise to you that your life will become that ever-improving story. For by the powerful Law of Attraction—the essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn—it must be!  — Abraham

Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness” # 244

The best you can do for anyone is to thrive fully and be willing to explain to anyone who asks how it is that you are thriving, and what it is that you’ve discovered—and then, just relax and trust that all truly is well.   — Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Buffalo, NY on Tuesday, May 20th, 2003 # 245

We’re asking you to trust in the Well-being. In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing. In positive expectation there is thrill and success. In pessimism or awareness of what is not wanted, there is nothing. What you’re wanting to do is redefine your relationship with the Stream. We do not ask you to look at something that is black and call it white. We do not ask you to see something that is not as you want it to be and pretend that it is. What we ask you to do is practice moving your gaze. Practice changing your perspective. Practice talking to different people. Practice going to new places. Practice sifting through the data for the things that feel like you want to feel and using those things to cause you to feel a familiar place. In other words, we want you to feel familiar in your joy. Familiar in your positive expectation, familiar in your knowing that all is well, because this Universe will knock itself out giving you evidence of that Well-being once you find that place. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you. We are complete.   — Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in San Rafael, CA on Wednesday, March 4th, 1998 # 249

You’re always getting a perfect vibrational match to what you predominantly give your attention to. But you’ve got to make the best of it. You’ve got to vibrate slightly different from where you are if you are going to improve where you are. You can’t keep taking score of where your business is or your relationship is or your body is without continuing to create it as it is. To make improvement, you’ve got to reach for a different thought.  — Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Tampa, FL on Saturday, December 6th, 2003 # 255 – Abraham on the Power of Thoughts.

A Few Other Inspirational Quotes:

  • Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and      cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or      image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives.

– Sidney Madwed

  • Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you      have; it depends solely upon what you think.

– Dale Carnegie

  • The game of life is the game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and      words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy.

– Florence Shinn

  • The law of attraction attracts to you everything you need,      according to the nature of your thought life. Your environment and      financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking.      Thought rules the world.

– Joseph Edward Murphy

  • The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world      around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.

– Norman Vincent Peale

  • You and I are not what we eat; we are what we think.

– Walter Anderson

  • The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot      be changed without changing our thinking.

– Albert Einstein


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