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Beginner Angel Card Reading (no prerequisite)

Understanding the link between you and your Angel and Spirit Guide team, connecting with the Clair’s you already have, and learning how to do basic Angel Card Reading for yourself and others!  Join us for this delightful introduction in reading your own Angel Cards.  Bring a deck with you, or choose from one we have on hand.  Learn about identifying your gifts, understanding how you receive your messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides, learn about the Chakras, enjoy learning some breathing techniques to help you to connect with your higher energy.  No experience is necessary, we love it if you already read your cards for yourself and your friends.  Expect to be able to conduct a short reading after you learn how to trust your guidance.

When:   July 12, 2014, and September 7, 2014

Where:  4320 Worcester Dr SW, Calgary 4037032460/email to RSVP

Costs:  $111.00 or $126.00 with choice of Angel Card Deck


Intermediate Angel Card Reading (Beginner prerequisite)

Understanding how to be of service while following your Life’s Path, and while protecting your own energy.  Exploration of Chakras Energy and Meditation, Aura Shields, Energy or Etheric Cord Cutting and your Angelic Network.  Additional practice using pendulums as well as Angel Cards to assist in your readings 

When:   July 17 & 18th, Evenings 7-10 pm, September 28,  9-3

Where:  4320 Worcester Dr SW, Calgary 4037032460/email to RSVP

Costs:  $111.00 or $126.00 with your choice of Angel Card Deck


Reiki Level 1  – First Attunement

Open up the part of you that was meant to do healing work, activate the healer within you.  Following the Usui Tradition

A two day course (4 hours a day) introducing the basic Reiki practices and methodology, beginning symbols and some meditations to gather focus.  Two day committment, one evening, next morning

When:   Thursday July 3rd and Friday July 4th from 7 to 10pm

Where:  4320 Worcester Dr SW, Calgary 4037032460/email to RSVP

Costs:  $200.00


Reiki Level 2

Two day course that introduces the 1st level to the more advanced symbols of Reiki, allowing healing to happen at a distance, also clearing and sanctifying techniques for the patient and area.  Usually held after Level 1, same morning in conjunction with that class.

When:   Contact us for latest schedule

Where:  4320 Worcester Dr SW, Calgary 4037032460/email to RSVP

Costs:  $650.00


Crystal Chakra Healing

Healing the body using crystals can bring the Chakra’s into alignment resulting in very positive results in areas of energy, and feelings of well-being.

As a Certified Crystal Healer with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, I wanted to share the amazing results of working with the Crystals to balance and clear your Chakras. Learn the science behind why Crystals are important as a part of your physical and emotional healing. Learn how to identify which crystals resonate with you, where to place them for the most benefit. Course also includes basic chakra healing methods as well as your Crystal Chakra Stone set. Bring your pendulum or choose a new one at class.

When:   October 12, 2014 9am to 5pm

Where:  4320 Worcester Dr SW, Calgary 4037032460/email to RSVP

Costs:  $155.00 (cost incl basic Chakra stone Set)

Available for Purchase “Crystal Healing by Philip Permutt” my personal favorite resource

Your Instructor


Michelle Gruendel – Reiki Master, Advanced Angel Enlightenment Practioner(tm)

Michelle (Miki) Gruendel, AAEP, CCH, Reiki Master, is the founder and practitioner at MoonLightWorkers. Her interest in alternative health practices resulted in her first seeking Reiki. A powerful experience she had while carrying one of her sons resulted in the realization that this was something that Michelle not only wanted to experience, but also to pass to others through becoming a practitioner.

It wasn’t long before she felt the desire to be certified at both her second and third levels. In the spring of 2009, Michelle completed her training as a Reiki Master.  In 2010, Michelle felt a calling to study under Cindy Smith, AEP(tm) and quickly earned her Basic and Advanced Angel Enlightenment Practioner(tm) Designation.  Connecting you with your Spirit Guides and Angels can have a tremendous healing affect.  As of 2013, Michelle is now a Certified Crystal Healer with the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and incorporates information on crystals into her reading and her classes.

Costs are all payable in person, via cheque or cash, or Paypal, just let me know!

I am in gratitude to share my knowledge with you.