Honouring your agreements

Lately I have been noticing that people on a spiritual path have chosen not to honour their agreements with people who are supposed to be their friends.  In order to be authentic, it is very important to be honouring and practicing your integrity.  There are a couple of instances where I’ve seen people on a spiritual path choose not to fulfill their financial obligations to others.  This is driving feelings of misunderstanding and hurt, as well as seriously damaging reputations.  I know that many of you think that being spiritual should not allow money to become an issue, or that money has no place in healing.  Money is only energy, and when you make an agreement to exchange energy with someone else, you need to honour that.  By not fulfilling your end of the agreement, you bring about feelings of distrust and do not honour the person with whom you made the agreement.  When we do work for others, in a healing capacity or in the corporate world, there needs to be an exchange.  Would you work for a corporation for free?  Why is it that some people think they do not have to follow through on their financial obligations with others?  Is it a lack of respect?  If it’s not at first, it certainly becomes one.  The issue is with Karma and your ability to receive.  If you do not follow through, you’re bringing on financial loss on your own situation, as whatever you put out you receive back threefold.  So, if you’ve agreed to pay someone for a service, and you do not follow through, you tempt karma to send the same experience to you.

Part of the power lies within you.  When you enter into an agreement, remember that your own energy plays a huge part.  If you make promises, you need to follow through.  If you are on the receiving end, you need to be able to trust the person with whom you’ve entered into the agreement.  Often we are blinded to what we’ve heard about a person and their business dealings as they are considered a friend.  We are optimistic that even though that person has hurt others, they will not hurt us.  This is an issue with our own healthy boundaries.

I ask you to look carefully at those with whom you do business.  To ensure you attract healthy business relationships, make sure the ones you have are in the highest integrity.  Ask the universe to only send you people who are a vibrational match.  If you are in integrity, are honest and authentic, you ask that only those people who match that vibration come into your realm for business dealings.  Honour the experience of friends or family, and heed warnings before entering into financial agreements where there is doubt.

It saddens me to see friends being hurt by other friends who will not honour their agreements.  I know that in my own life, these are experiences for me to learn from.  My boundaries need to be healthier.  My voice needs to be stronger when making agreements.  When a friend or client does not honour the agreement we have made, I have to reflect on myself, and see where I allowed that to happen.  In that, I find the lesson and my personal strength.  Remember that what happens around you is often a reflection of you.  Knowing that can help you improve relationships when moving forward.  Knowing this can also help you to move forward, let go of the outcome, and allow the universe to take care of the situation for you.  Continue to trust that money energy or agreements can be honoured in time.  If they are not, know that it is time to move away from the person or situation.  Honour yourself and your needs, allow yourself to be sad then heal knowing that the lesson needed to be taught.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

Book by Don Miguel Ruiz

Be impeccable with your word.

Don’t take anything personally.

Don’t make assumptions.

Always do your best.

June 28, 2017

Your Purpose

Have you ever really focused in on something that you want to have happen very strongly, and been overwhelmed with a sense of purpose?  Purpose is an amazing thing, helps us climb the highest mountains and weather the greatest storms in our life.  We are always stronger than we believe, and when we set out to get something done, the rewards feel greater, our soul sings when we conquer and we feel joy at the end of it.

Now, wouldn’t you love to feel more of that?  I want to talk to you about your purpose.  So many of us question what that is.  For parents, it seems a little easier to define, as souls have chosen you to guide them and love them.  But when they are ready to leave the nest, or if you have not chosen to be a parent, it can seem a little difficult to find your purpose.

Your purpose is to love and to help people.  In whatever way, shape, or form your heart desires.  So many of us are Lightworkers and Earth Angels who always help others, in some way.  We find that we don’t know how to ask for help ourselves, and will often burn out from giving our energy away so freely.

Your purpose is defined as whatever makes your heart sing, gives you joy bubbling out of your chest, and is sometimes hard to define in terms of a job or career path.  When you look at what you do every day, which parts of it make you happy, give you a sense of accomplishment, or a rush that you’re on the right track.  For me it was Customer Service work.  Now that I’m on my path, and know my purpose, it is still in the area of Customer Service.  Being an intuitive counsellor is giving people the guidance to empower themselves to live their best lives.  It’s an amazing purpose, and when I’m working with people, I have great joy in my heart.

When looking for your purpose, check in with your heart.  What makes you happy?  When do you feel the strongest, the most knowledgeable, and the most at peace.  It could be anything, from creating art, to helping people heal, to saving and healing animals.  It’s whatever you define as the thing you would choose to do, even if you weren’t being paid for it.  The beautiful thing about it, is when you embrace your purpose, the universe conspires to bring you abundance for it.  You only have to be open to receive.

I would love to help you to figure out what your purpose is, and how to turn it into something that will bring you abundance!  If you are alreadya sure of your purpose and not sure how to get started working with it, I’d enjoy helping you with that as well.  Come join us for one of our Workshops!

Just “ASK”

It’s a new year, and it’s an excellent time to take a good look at how we did last year.  Did you find it a struggle to make things work for you?  Many of us had a year of major ups and downs, filled with losses and gains, and overall emotional challenges.  It was very common, in 2014, for people to leave jobs and relationships, struggle with new jobs and relationships and wonder what we are really doing with our lives.  It is a good thing to reflect on where you are and what you really truly want.  Once you decide what you want, be it a new relationship, to find a more fulfilling job, or to make a true shift in your focus, how do you make that come about?  Well, it’s really a matter of your mindset; are you bringing in what you need, or are you deflecting it?

A very positive method for bringing in what you need and want in your life is to ASK your Angels.  We all have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides that work with us on a daily basis.   The little voices in your head, you may call your intuition, are actually your Angels and Guides working with you.  They are a very important part of you.  They are your cheerleaders, your sounding board, and your best friends, especially in times of stress or need.  The challenge is, that we often don’t listen to our own inner guidance when we are feeling drama in our lives.  We will revert to feelings of fear and ultimately feelings of a loss of control.  What is important to remember is that we actually have all we really need right at our fingertips, or within ourselves.

It may sound extremely simplistic, but just remembering to ASK for help, especially from your Angels and Guides, can help put you on the right path.  As human beings, we usually will avoid ASKING for help, as we want to appear strong and in control of our lives.  However, it actually stops the flow of good things to us if we do not allow ourselves to receive.   Giving and receiving is a balance that needs to occur in our lives, and is often one of the most difficult to fathom.  We don’t want our peers and family to think that we don’t have it ‘all together’.   I’m here to tell you that it actually shows strength to ASK for help.

I challenge you to start to ASK for what you need.  Every little thing.  Nothing is too small or simple, it’s important to just begin to ASK.  This can be as basic as ASKING for green lights all the way when you are running late to an appointment.  ASKING for a parking spot near the door, and then adopting a feeling of confidence that it will indeed come through for you.  Start to ASK and EXPECT the results you need.  Be in the feeling of it, know that it will happen.  And when it does, say thank you and be in gratitude that your angels have made things shift for you.

The reason you want to start with the smaller things is that it really helps to improve your confidence.  A number of you have already managed to bring things that you needed in a pinch, but have challenges bringing things in a timely fashion, with less stress and drama around it.  If you practice with the smaller things, you move into the vibration of giving and receiving, and that vibration allows you to grow your “ASKS” to the point where you can start to feel confident and assured that they will indeed be fulfilled.

The Archangels play a very important role in your ASKS.  When you ASK within, contacting your own Guardian Angels and Guides, you may find that things are not working as smoothly as you’d like. This is often due to self-doubt or belief systems surrounding your worthiness of receiving.    I suggest that our Archangel Michael, the protector, and the jack of all trades, is a great one to ASK for what you need.  You are never taking him away from something more important, as he is omnipresent and can do for everyone all at once.  ASK Archangel Michael to be your co-pilot when you travel, even if just a short distance, and you’ll find that your drive is easier, less stressful, and you will arrive in good time.  You need to have faith, believe what you need will be there for you, and trust that you are worthy of receiving it.

ASKING your own Angels and Guides for assistance with every little thing will make your life easier and teach you to trust your own intuition and inner guidance.  When your needs and wants are bigger than just a parking space, your belief that things will work out as they should needs to be confident and without fear.  You need to “know” and “trust” that things will work out, and stay confident.  Be in the vibration that what you want, already IS, and be in gratitude.   This is also known as manifesting or the law of attraction.  Believing what you need is already coming is being in the correct vibration to allow and receive it.  ASK for more than enough to meet your needs financially.  ASK for the helpful people and opportunities to come into your life.  ASK for ease and grace when going through challenges.  ASK for gentle catalysts when a big change needs to happen in your life.  Start ASKING now, and see how amazing your life can be, with the assistance of your Angels and Guides and the Archangels.

Blessings, Michelle L Eskdale


Power of Thought, by Michelle L Eskdale

Many of us have read books like The Secret that indicate that what you think, you become.   Can the power of your thoughts really have that much impact on your reality?  I believe so!  Just take a look at how it makes a difference to how you feel when you think negative thoughts…how they snowball and soon you are in a sad or angry mood.   What you think about, and how you think will impact you both internally and externally.

For example, what typically happens to your mood when you wake up late for work, or an appointment?  You start having thoughts about how much worse things are going to get, you spill coffee your clean shirt, adding minutes to your already delayed departure.   You trip over the cat, are gruff with the kids, and are short with your spouse, all because you’ve decided you are going to be late today.  That’s right, you DECIDED you are going to be late.  And you likely also told yourself that you’re going to have a “Bad Day”.  Indeed the Universe is listening, and you will…

On the flip side, think about if you woke up late, and you put your trust in your angels to help shave a few minutes off everything you did that morning.  You DECIDED that you would have enough time to get things done, you hugged your kids, kissed your spouse and were aware of the cat before you left the house.  You are still going to have a good day, because you DECIDED to do so.

So what does this mean to you?  Look at how you could make an entire day go better, just because you DECIDED not to let a rough start ruin your day.  You have the POWER of THOUGHT to change how you view YOUR world, how you feel about your world, and when you put it out there, the Universe reflects back favourably on you.

The Power of Thought is something you can use for or against someone as well.  When we are children, when we hear things like “Why can’t you just listen?”, “How come you are so Stupid” and “You are not living up to your potential”, like our moods, these can temper our attitudes.  The Universe doesn’t hear the negatives, only pulls out the facts — so these children will likely be conditioned to not be able to listen, believe they are stupid, and won’t believe they can live up to their potential.  By phrasing words in significant ways, we are teaching them what to think about themselves and their abilities.

The Power of Affirmations

A lot of books and audio tapes these days are about Affirmations.  What does that mean, and how do they work?  It’s all about conditioning.  You are telling yourself what to think, what to believe, and how you want to live.  The power of repetition makes it ‘real’ in your mind.  The same way children learn to believe what they are told about themselves and their abilities.  If you constantly tell yourself negative things, you will come out negative.  But, turn it around and tell yourself positive things, and lo and behold, you’ll have a more positive outlook on life, yourself and your potential.

Why don’t Affirmations always work?  Many of us have tried, one I tried in particular was Louise L Hay’s “Learning to Love Yourself”.  I spent some time telling myself in the mirror that “I love you”, and felt very silly.  I tried repeating the phrases over and over, and found that really, I wasn’t believing myself.  Soon that cassette tape sat on the shelf.  What I found actually worked, was “Deciding to be Happy”.

When people would ask me how I was, in my early 20’s, unfortunately I was honest with them.  I thought they really wanted to know.  Quickly, after sharing my thoughts that I might be coming down with something, or that I was only feeling alright, I started to recognize that people were not asking anymore.  Were they no longer interested in me?  No, they were not interested in my negative thoughts.  When I started responding with “Great, thanks and how are you”, things quickly took a more positive slant.  I  also felt better, not focusing on an oncoming cold, or financial issues, I just felt the way I said I felt… I DECIDED to feel good.

Envision yourself very healthy, thinking of everything in your body working exactly as it should.  No aches, no sadness, no depression, no pains, no weight issues, no aging issues…just beautiful inside and out, and very healthy.

Now think about how you “feel” about that version of yourself?  Do you love it more?  Do you feel better already?  This is how powerful your thoughts are!  You have DECIDED to feel good about yourself, your body, your mental state.   Wouldn’t you like to feel like this ALL THE TIME?  I challenge you to make it happen.

How Do I Change My Thought Patterns;

Just like anything else you’ve ever decided, you have to remind yourself to stay on track.  In a Manner of Speaking, create a new habit for yourself.  Imagine how happy you are because you feel good.  Refuse to focus on what makes you feel bad, and focus only on the good.  It’s easy to motivate yourself into this new pattern of thinking, because you just feel better.

When someone asks you how you are, tell them something new.  Try a new phrase on for size “I’m brilliant!”  “I’m great!”  “I’m Happy, and you?” “I’m decidedly Happy”, I’m Excited”,  “I’m feeling  much better”   See how it feels when you say it, how does it reflect on you internally?  What do you get from the people you say it to?  One of my favorites comes from a friend at work who says “If I was any better, I’d be twins”. .. it makes you laugh, and you know that he either IS happy, or is working on being happy.  And really whats the harm in that?

I challenge you to be “Annoyingly Optimistic”

I have often found the people I work with to enjoy their misery.  Really, many people are most comfortable there, and therefore, they must enjoy it, don’t you agree?  It serves a purpose for them.  It gives them attention, it gives them sympathy, and they stay there in their misery.  These are the people who do not understand when you say “I’m Great!”…they would likely hear that you, also, are feeling kind of under the weather, cranky or grumpy, so that you can be in legion with them.  When you counter with positive thoughts, you can inspire them to wonder, “How does she get to feel  great”, but sadly, they’ll often stay in their misery as it serves a purpose.

For the last few years, I’ve been conducting a social experiment.  I have been outwardly happy, on Purpose.  If you think about it, we do have a Purpose here, and it is to be happy, to find joy in our lives and to bring joy to the lives of others.  As a social experiment, I had the opportunity to work with people that were happy to be miserable.  Happy to be grumpy, or complain a lot about their lives and the cards they have been dealt.  When dealing with them, I’d always throw a little something at them for them to think about.  What in their life are they happy about?  Due to this behaviour, I had been tagged as “Annoyingly Optimistic”.  Whenever something comes up, especially change, that everyone wants to feel negative about, I always take the high road.  I always look for the good in things and express that to people.  Even if they don’t agree with me right away, they usually see that I have a point, and will often convert their own thinking when I can point out the good side of things.  Its an enjoyable experiment that I CHALLENGE you to try.  The next time someone tells you something negative, take a moment to look for the silver lining and express it to them.  Not only will they feel better knowing there is hope or a positive slant to things, eventually they will begin to believe it as well.


What you put out you get back — The Boomerang Effect

When you focus on Lack, that is what you receive.  The Universe hears your statements, and brings more of the same.  Reading as many books as we all have, you already know this to be true, but are you putting it to use?  When you look at the monthly bills, do you think “how will I manage to pay for these”, or “Why don’t I have enough money”, and you will get what you ask for, you will get what you put out there.  The key to the Power of Thought is to think about only what you DO want, not what you DON’T want.  If you rephrase your thinking, your self-talk to say “I have more than enough to meet my monthly expenses”, don’t you feel better?  When you spend time worrying about something that you DON’T want, you can bring it about.

Take, for example, a good friend of mine.  She is a strong believer in Abraham, the spirit channelled by Gerry and Esther Hicks (attached some affirmations, and quotes from Abraham).   They believe that whatever you focus on, you can make bigger, stronger, and manifest it to be true.  She was diagnosed with uterine fibroids.  They were causing her great illness and pain.  Whenever she thought about it, all she could think about was them getting bigger, and fearing that outcome.  Eventually, they became so big, she had to have a hysterectomy.  She told me herself, that she really believes that she made them bigger and less manageable by focusing on them rather than envisioning herself to be healthy.  She knows now that with the Power of Thought, she caused her own discomfort and illness.

The Secret also quotes that we are responsible for dis-ease in our bodies.  That we dwell on it, imagine it, or focus on it to the point where it can become all encompassing.  When we give the illness or condition so much power, we give it more strength and it can indeed “take over”… if you practice modifying your thoughts, you can tell yourself you are healthy, tell yourself that you will stay healthy through the flu season, and be aware of the gift that you give yourself when you can chase away that scratchy throat!


Power of Thought is really exactly that.  Your thoughts are so powerful, they define who you are, how you feel and what you will become.  You are meant to do great things here, meant to help and heal others, but first you must take the best possible care of yourself!  When I talk with people unhappy in their lives, I ask them to remember what they are happy about, how can they focus on those great things in their lives, to make the rest of their concerns less strong.

A Meditation for You;

My body is healthy.  I can see ArchAngel Raphael’s beautiful Green light permeating any areas of concern, so I don’t even need to focus on them.  My joints move freely without pain, I am free of headaches, stomach aches, and I never get the flu.  I am stronger and healthier every single day.  I believe that my heart and my mind are happy, and I am free from worries and concerns.  I can live my life to the fullest as I am a healthy, happy, human being.  And in this state, I am free to give my help and support to others.


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If you will let your dominant intention be to revise and improve the content of the story you tell every day of your life, it is our absolute promise to you that your life will become that ever-improving story. For by the powerful Law of Attraction—the essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn—it must be!  — Abraham

Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness” # 244

The best you can do for anyone is to thrive fully and be willing to explain to anyone who asks how it is that you are thriving, and what it is that you’ve discovered—and then, just relax and trust that all truly is well.   — Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Buffalo, NY on Tuesday, May 20th, 2003 # 245

We’re asking you to trust in the Well-being. In optimism there is magic. In pessimism there is nothing. In positive expectation there is thrill and success. In pessimism or awareness of what is not wanted, there is nothing. What you’re wanting to do is redefine your relationship with the Stream. We do not ask you to look at something that is black and call it white. We do not ask you to see something that is not as you want it to be and pretend that it is. What we ask you to do is practice moving your gaze. Practice changing your perspective. Practice talking to different people. Practice going to new places. Practice sifting through the data for the things that feel like you want to feel and using those things to cause you to feel a familiar place. In other words, we want you to feel familiar in your joy. Familiar in your positive expectation, familiar in your knowing that all is well, because this Universe will knock itself out giving you evidence of that Well-being once you find that place. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you. We are complete.   — Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in San Rafael, CA on Wednesday, March 4th, 1998 # 249

You’re always getting a perfect vibrational match to what you predominantly give your attention to. But you’ve got to make the best of it. You’ve got to vibrate slightly different from where you are if you are going to improve where you are. You can’t keep taking score of where your business is or your relationship is or your body is without continuing to create it as it is. To make improvement, you’ve got to reach for a different thought.  — Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Tampa, FL on Saturday, December 6th, 2003 # 255 – Abraham on the Power of Thoughts.

A Few Other Inspirational Quotes:

  • Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and      cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or      image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives.

– Sidney Madwed

  • Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you      have; it depends solely upon what you think.

– Dale Carnegie

  • The game of life is the game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and      words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy.

– Florence Shinn

  • The law of attraction attracts to you everything you need,      according to the nature of your thought life. Your environment and      financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking.      Thought rules the world.

– Joseph Edward Murphy

  • The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world      around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.

– Norman Vincent Peale

  • You and I are not what we eat; we are what we think.

– Walter Anderson

  • The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot      be changed without changing our thinking.

– Albert Einstein


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